Bikes Multiply Disciples in Sierra Leone


If you think you have to get up early to make it to church, think again.  Osman Kanu, a lay pastor and teacher at the Children of the Nations (COTN) Skills Center in Sierra Leone, begins his Sunday morning while it is still dark. He has a congregation of farmers waiting for him in a village ten miles away.  This means he has to get up early enough to make the journey, lead a whole service, and finish in time for the farmers to get an early start in their fields.  By the time most of us are rolling into our church parking lot, Osman has already begun the ten-mile trek home.  

COTN–Sierra Leone staff lead fifteen churches in the Banta Mokelleh area, the region where all of COTN's Village Partnership Programs are located.  Most of the pastors of these churches are COTN–Sierra Leone staff members who have volunteered to preach and lead in the village churches.  Because of these far-flung churches, every child in our Village Partnership Program has a service nearby that they can attend.  

But the workers are few, and the villages far.  Pastors can easily spend all day just getting to and from their churches.  Even if they had vehicles, many of the villages are not accessible by car, giving pastors few options other than walking.  

But partners like you are helping to solve this problem. By purchasing bicycles from COTN's gift catalog in honor of your loved ones this Christmas, you're enabling these pastors to travel twice as fast, and reach twice as many people.  This past year, partners gave bikes through the gift catalog, and donated to the Move the Mission Forward fund, providing for seven new bikes for COTN–Sierra Leone.  Four of these bikes were given to the evangelism department.

"The donations of bicycles is helping me to share my gift with many people," reports Samuel Ngoneh, a COTN–Sierra Leone staff member who serves in several churches.  "Now I can share the word of God in two churches each Sunday.  After long days of work I can use my bicycle to go down to Ngolala village for Bible studies and to go from house to house and pray for the sick."  Mr. Ngoneh compares the impact you have made with a simple bicycle to Jesus feeding the five thousand.   His ministry has multiplied, all because of a bike.

Give a gift that multiplies this Christmas!  Visit our gift catalog for gifts like bikes that will change lives.