NEST Film Project Engages Children in Sierra Leone


In Sierra Leone, a community gathered outside in a makeshift open-air “theater,” assembling around a large canvas and projector. Children and adults waited expectantly to view a movie, something many had never experienced before. While waiting for dusk to approach, leaders in the community gave speeches regarding the film and its importance.

Children of the Nations (COTN) utilizes a range of evangelism tools, and films have become one of the most effective ways in providing a beginning foundation in spirituality. The NEST Entertainment films are a collection of animated movies that give people an opportunity to discover Christ. The project helps children learn about core Christian values and principles, including faith, love, compassion, and kindness through colorful illustrations that are easy to understand, regardless of language barriers. It has allowed COTN to use the NEST films to reach both the young and older generations since May 2010.

According to Reverend James Conteh, pastor in charge of evangelism for COTN–Sierra Leone, the NEST film project has resulted in nearly a thousand villagers involved, who have watched the films and participated in related activities. The films have become particularly popular with children who attend COTN’s schools in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone. They eagerly wait for showings, which include quiz competitions between boys and girls after school. Reverend Conteh feels that the resource books and puzzles they were provided help make the learning process more interesting and engaging. The shows are often less noisy with less distractions compared to other visually aided programs.

“My observation so far, to my amazement, is that the children understand the message through animated characters even without an interpreter into their local Mende dialect,” said Reverend Conteh. “The simple but attractive background setting of the film helps to attract and retain their attention.”

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