Bringing Sight to the Blind in Sierra Leone


Everyone at the Mallory Jansen Memorial Primary School in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone rejoiced last month when Titie Mannah arrived at school. When you know her story, you, too, will join in the celebration.

Titie is an eight-year-old girl who lost her mother several years ago. Unfortunately, both she and her brother inherited a congenital defect—they are almost blind. Titie has been at school for the past three years, but she has continually fallen behind because this defect prevented her from seeing the chalkboard.

Children of the Nations (COTN)–Sierra Leone staff took Titie to the eye hospital at Serabu, Sierra Leone, six miles away from Ngolala village [one of COTN’s Village Partnership Programs]. Screening revealed high myopic crescents. The exam diagnosed 20/50 vision in her right eye and 20/60 in her left. When COTN Founder Debbie Clark came to Sierra Leone last year, she heard about Titie’s plight and took the prescriptions of both children back to Seattle. God was so faithful! Long-time COTN partner Dr. Dale Holdren of Silverdale, Washington donated two pairs of glasses for each of the children.

Titie was recently enrolled in COTN’s Challenge Children Program, where Michelle (daughter of Angie Myles, COTN–Sierra Leone Country Director) worked with her on a one-to-one basis. Michelle and Titie bonded nicely, and Titie’s confidence and self-esteem were slowly restored. She passed her exams and advanced to the next grade, where she enjoys classes with a new teacher, Aunty Janet Maiah.

Titie loves her fashionable glasses and has learned how to take care of them. We are so thankful for Mommy Debbie and Dr. Dale Holdren. We praise God for this success story and the way He is working in the Challenge Children Program. This program has opened the doors of possibility for so many children, and we know God has a plan for each of these precious ones.

For more information on donating needed resources, contact Dave Schertzer, COTN Resources Director via email or by phone at 360-698-7227 or view our current Needs List.