News: Sierra Leone

A Tribute to Mama Angie Sierra Leone
Mama Angie was COTN–Sierra Leone's longest-serving Country Director.
Feb 19, 2021 -

Beautiful friend. Prayerful encourager. Selfless. Humble. Gracious hostess. Prayer warrior. Hero.

How Soap Put a Smile on a Child's Face Sierra Leone
Oct 7, 2020 -

When Sarah * got a rash on her skin, there was nothing she could do to get rid of it. She had gotten the rash from the soap she used to bathe and to launder her clothes. 

10 Best Photos from Camp this Summer Sierra Leone
Kids in Malawi finished their camp with a day-trip to a pool.
Sep 25, 2019 -
As summer fades and school begins across the world, the children we serve have much to look back on and be thankful for.
Sponsors went above and beyond this year, providing for thousands of children to attend camps in Malawi, Sierra Leone, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.
The Language of a Better Africa: How One Student is Ready to Take on Pollution, Addiction, and Women's Issues Sierra Leone
Young Patrick in Sierra Leone
Aug 8, 2019 -
Patrick Vandi has done many things that he never dreamed of being able to do: he is in university, he’s applying for law school, and this summer, he was selected to attend a prestigious leadership conference.
Former Orphan Who Tended Goats to Survive Now Attends College Sierra Leone
May 15, 2019 -
An orphan in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Amidu was the last to eat in the various families that took him in. They saw him more as a worker than a family member. So until he was nine years old, he spent his days tending goats—and not in school.
How You Are Saving the Lives of Children Like Alice Sierra Leone
A child at the clinic receives medicine
Feb 11, 2019 -
Fourteen-year-old Alice* lay sick in her home in a remote village, fearing for her life. She was in desperate need of a doctor, but in rural Sierra Leone, health care is hard to find.  
Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Children with their gifts
Jan 7, 2019 -
Thank you so much for making Christmas come alive for your sponsored child—and hundreds more! Here are some photos from the Christmas celebrations in Sierra Leone.
No Longer “A Go Wreck”: Massah’s Story Sierra Leone
Older Massah
Aug 27, 2018 -

Massah explains that without education the Krio phrase “a go wreck” (meaning “becoming a wreck”) would have described her life. “I wouldn’t go further.” Massah says. “I would just stay there, ‘a go wreck’ there.”

Massah was just ten months old when rebels attacked her village in Sierra Leone. Her mother was ill when they fled into the bush, and she died shortly after.

Photos from Your Child's Camp in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Soccer time
Aug 2, 2018 -
Thank you so much to everyone who made summer camp possible for our children in Sierra Leone! 
Your sponsored child had a blast playing games, worshipping, dancing, and learning about God. 
Thanks to You, Sierra Leone Students Dream Big Sierra Leone
Group of graduates
Jul 16, 2018 -
COTN–Sierra Leone students wrote essays as part their application for COTN’s University/Vocational Program. We are so proud of their hard work, and we had to share some of our favorite excerpts with you.