How You Can Help Protect Your Sponsored Child


When you sponsor a child, you become part of a team that is raising up the next generation of leaders and change makers!

But something we might not consciously think about is whether we are protecting the rights, safety, privacy, and dignity of the child. 
This is a top priority for Children of the Nations, and we know it is for you too. That’s why we wanted to let you know about some important changes to our Partner Correspondence Policy
These changes will help you know how to best protect your sponsored child.
          • After prayerful consideration and discussions with in-country staff, children, and sponsors, we will no longer be sharing the last names of the children in our program. We will also no longer be sharing the last names of sponsors with the children. This means you should only write your first name when signing your letters
          • We are also adding a new policy about communication between sponsors and the children. We ask that you do not engage in unmonitored communication with the children in our programs. This includes all direct communication not facilitated by Children of the Nations, such as connecting on social media, emails, phone calls, and private or unannounced visits. 
If you are contacted by a child in one of our programs, please do not respond. If any communication makes you feel uncomfortable, contact Children of the Nations immediately. 
These changes are in line with global industry standards for child protection. Just as you wouldn’t want your child’s full name and location on the internet, we want to extend that same careful consideration and protection to each child in our programs. 
If you have any questions about these policy changes, please see the full Partner Correspondence Policy or contact Children of the Nations
These new policies will change little about your sponsorship experience! You’ll still be exchanging letters, hearing important updates, and watching your sponsored children grow up. 
These changes are just another step in thoughtfully, carefully, and lovingly raising children who transform nations. 
Communication is an important part of the sponsorship experience, and you can do this by writing a letter to your sponsored child. Everyone loves receiving a letter in the mail, including the children in our programs!
The children cherish these letters. They will read and reread them for years to come! They can also be a great source of encouragement for the child you sponsor. 
Some children find special places to keep their letters safe, such as in a notebook or under their mattress. Others display their letters. Some have even said they want to save the letters to show to their children. “I will say, this is the women who helped me finish school and become the person I am today,” one child shared. 
Here are some things you could include in a letter to your sponsored child:
          • Ask them about their hobbies, daily life, and interests. Ask questions about their family, church, favorite foods, what they want to be when they grow up, their favorite activities, etc.
          • Encourage them in their schoolwork and their relationship with God.
          • Ask them how you can pray for them or share your favorite Bible verse. 
          • Include photos of yourself, your family, or your pets! 
          • Send a single sheet of stickers 5 x 9 inches or smaller. If you know their favorite animal, try finding some stickers of that animal!
You can find our full letter-writing guidelines at
Thank you for changing children’s lives through sponsorship! By sponsoring a child, you are helping care for their physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. You are also providing love, care, and dignity to children who have been through unbelievably difficult circumstances.
And that is truly transformational.