How COTN Partners and Staff Solved a Water Crisis in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Apr 11, 2017 -

Two years ago, without any warning, water stopped coming out of the pipes in Don Bosco—an impoverished community in the Dominican Republic. 

Under the hot afternoon sun, the injustice of this crisis was visceral. “Water is life,” says Vladi Feliz, a COTN translator.

How an African Housewife Inspired a Florida Woman to Do More Malawi
Apr 5, 2017 -

To hear the full story, listen to COTN's Beyond the Village podcast, How a Malawian Housewife and a Girl with Special Needs Inspired a Florida Family to Do More.

“Once my husband and I got married and he got his first real job, he wanted to buy a nice car; but then reality set in,” says Carolyn Berger, a COTN partner who lives in central Florida. “He did drive a beater,” she recalls, laughing. “The back light would hang out.”

Meet the Boys Who Started a Library in Uganda Uganda
Mar 14, 2017 -

Junior and Bless Moses, two COTN® students in Uganda, love to read. They read several books a week. But supporting their reading habit was difficult, because COTN’s secondary school didn’t have a library. 

“It Is a Dream That Now I Am in University”—Sandram’s Story Malawi
Mar 8, 2017 -

Sandram says, “Before COTN, I was living a miserable life.” Sandram grew up in Malawi, the oldest of seven children. His childhood became particularly miserable after his father divorced his mother and forced her to leave their home and take the four boys and three girls with her.

Manuel’s Story: “How COTN Equipped Me to Serve!” Malawi
Feb 27, 2017 -

Manuel’s childhood was full of suffering, especially after he lost his father, who was the family breadwinner, to malaria. Manuel’s widowed mother had no means of support, and so food was scarce for Manuel and his seven siblings. There seemed to be no future for this vulnerable Malawian child.

How the Mosquito Net Project is Giving Jobs to Widowed Moms in Malawi Malawi
Feb 9, 2017 -

To hear the full story, listen to COTN’s podcast, “How the Mosquito Net Project is Giving Jobs to Widowed Moms in Malawi.”

When the truck driver arrived in the rural Mgwayi village, in Malawi, he was quickly surrounded by children, curious adults, and a group of women who started singing and dancing as six sewing machines were unloaded.

Small Gifts, Big Changes, Thanks to You! Sierra Leone
Feb 7, 2017 -

During the Christmas season (and beyond!), many of you gave to COTN's children through our gift catalog—generously showing God's love through everything from cows to Bibles. Thank you.

Below are the stories of three children in Sierra Leone whose lives have been affected by some of the gifts you gave—things that we might take for granted but that make huge differences in their lives.


The Meek Are Getting Ready: Jenifer’s Story Malawi
Jan 11, 2017 -

Jenifer’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (NIV). And her beginnings, growing up among the poorest in Malawi, can only be described as humble.

Photos: A Day in the Life of Two Ugandan Children Uganda
Jan 9, 2017 -

Meet Patty and Gwido. 

Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Haiti Haiti
Jan 3, 2017 -

It wasn't snowing outside, but thanks to you, COTN children in Haiti had a very merry Christmas party in COTN's Haiti ministry center. “We enjoyed every bit of the celebrations,” says Steven Mizecki, COTN-Haiti’s administrative intern.

As the children celebrated and reflected on the birth of Christ, they enjoyed singing, dancing, and watching skits. They ate lots of good food and even got a visit from Santa Claus!