Full-Time Care to Begin in Uganda Uganda
Oct 30, 2007 -

Last month we entered the final stage prior to opening the doors of our first Children’s Home in Uganda. We are awaiting final sign-off from the government! Meanwhile, we are interviewing and hiring necessary staff (house parents, cooks, etc.) and furnishing our homes, readying them for our children.

Evangelizing with the JESUS film Malawi
Oct 26, 2007 -

This summer, after one week of getting oriented to the Malawian culture for the first time, I had an opportunity to accompany the older children of Mtsiliza village to evangelize in a nearby smaller village. Since this was my first trip to Malawi, I did not have a clue as to what to expect and was excited to watch and learn!

ECHO Seed Project: Interns Get Science and Technology Involved to Help End Hunger Sierra Leone
Oct 26, 2007 -

Some say that the Moringa tree could end poverty. Its leaves are loaded with protein, calcium, most vitamins, and when used medicinally can treat many illnesses. The Moringa also produces pods which can be used to purify water and detoxify the body. Moreover, the Moringa is extremely resilient and grows in various parts of the world including India, the Phillipines, Brazil, Haiti, and West Africa. The funny thing is you’ve probably never heard of this amazing tree.

The Upside-Down Kingdom Dominican Republic
Oct 26, 2007 -

This summer I was blessed to help lead a team of thirteen interns into Barahona, Dominican Republic. It was a great time of growth and many life lessons for all of us. One of the lessons we learned was how to serve others and the richness and blessing it brings to our lives. Jesus taught and lived a life full of humility and he demonstrated this numerous times in the scriptures through acts of service. One of his most famous was the washing of his disciples’ feet when he told his disciples: “You will be blessed if you do this,” referring to how he had served them.

Trauma Counseling in Barlonyo and Abia IDP Camps Uganda
Oct 26, 2007 -

In the month of September 2007, we carried out counseling sessions in two different displacement camps, Barlonyo and Abia camps. We traveled there daily throughout the week to do counseling as well as help identify orphaned and destitute children, especially those from child-headed households who could be admitted into our COTN–Uganda children’s home.

Tejan Margay – An Update United States
Oct 26, 2007 -

Tejan Margay came to our Children’s Home in Marjay Town, Sierra Leone in the fall of 2003. As a young child, before coming to Children of the Nations, Tejan fell from a mango tree, which resulted in a broken leg and a broken jaw bone. Due to the lack of proper medical facilities in the area he lived in, Tejan’s leg never properly healed and his jaw became fused to his skull. Because he could not open his mouth to eat, over time he became extremely malnourished.

Feeding Uganda's Children Uganda
Oct 1, 2007 -

For the past two decades, Uganda has served as the stage for a civil war between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government—innocent civilians cast as the involuntary “extras” in this real-life nightmare. As this war has raged on, thousands of children have been abducted by the rebel soldiers who have subjected them to torture or sexual violence, and turned them into child soldiers (many as young as eight or nine) conscripting them by force into their violent army.

The Soigner Fistula Project Sierra Leone
Oct 1, 2007 -

Soigner (pronounced “swan-yay”) is a French word meaning “to heal.” The goal of the Soigner Fistula Project, a pilot-program under the direction of Children of the Nations, is to bring healing and transformation to young women suffering from a debilitating condition known as obstetric fistula in Sierra Leone, Africa. As a doula (a certified childbirth assistant) for the past twelve years, I help women and their partners prepare for birth with their heart, mind, and spirit. I believe that birth is one of the most powerful miracles that God has graced us with.

Malnutrition Claims the Life of Another Baby in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Oct 1, 2007 -

In Dec. 2006 – Jan. 2007, I was able to be part of a short-term mission team to Sierra Leone, West Africa. While there we spent time at our ministry site in the rural chiefdom of Banta Mokelleh (an eight-hour drive up-country from the capital city of Freetown). Banta Mokelleh is the poorest chiefdom in all of Sierra Leone (which is the poorest country in the world). In Banta, we truly minister to the poorest of the poor.

A New Farm in Malawi—A Future of Feeding Malawi
Oct 1, 2007 -

Last week, Tom Mambo (Malawi Country Director) and the board of trustees visited Nchi Chere Farm (pronounced chee-CHAIR-ee), a 350-acre farm COTN has the opportunity to purchase. The Malawi Board of Directors recently approved the purchase and COTN President Chris Clark will visit Malawi later this month to give final approval. Pray that the property is all we anticipate it to be and that it will be approved.