News: Malawi

Malawian Students Enjoy Learning about Who They Are Malawi
The team is hoping the personality test will help students like Flora
Dec 26, 2013 -

It was almost too good to be true. Seniors at the International Christian Academy, COTN’s secondary school in Malawi, were told they had to take a test, but they didn’t have to study for it and there was no such thing as a wrong answer. 

A Chat with Our First African College Grad Malawi
Today Aness is having an impact on Malawi’s next generation by teaching
Nov 25, 2013 -

Graduating from university is quite an accomplishment for anyone. But for an orphaned girl in Africa, it’s downright amazing. 

Rebecca Says Thank You for the Laptop Malawi
Rebecca is studying to become a teacher.
Nov 19, 2013 -

This fall, Rebecca began her second year at Livingstonia University in Malawi, where she is studying to be a teacher. She just received a laptop, thanks to generous people like you. She would like to express her gratitude for this incredible gift:

Farmer Jackson Malawi
Jackson (right) and his friends Yohane and Alfred started a garden
Nov 5, 2013 -

Jackson grins as he pulls an enormous sweet potato from the ground. "You must work hard to get something," he says, as he proudly examines his produce. There is no doubt that Jackson put a lot of work into this little plot of land that is now producing vegetables for him. But without the right tools and seeds, all his hard work would be in vain. 

Your Care Prepares Girls to Change their Country Malawi
The twins know that if they are well-educated, they'll be able to help others
Oct 18, 2013 -

It should have all gone wrong for Flora and Rabecca. The odds were stacked against the twin sisters when they were infants and their parents died. 

A Surprise from My Sponsored Child Malawi
I couldn't imagine leaving Malawi without sponsoring Chimwemwe
Oct 17, 2013 -

I had probably looked at those brown eyes more than a hundred times as I opened and closed my refrigerator door where his photo was clipped. Every single time, I thought about meeting Mphatso, the little boy I began sponsoring earlier this year. 

Teachers Teaching Teachers to Teach Malawi
The team practiced new phonics strategies with the primary school teachers.
Sep 30, 2013 -

Kim Killinger and her fellow Venture Team members watched as the Malawian teachers opened their gifts. “The twelve teachers slowly peeked into their bags,” says Kim, “and quickly erupted into cheers, African chants, singing, dancing, clapping, high-fiving, and praising.” When Kim and her friends had filled the bags with school supplies, they had no idea just how much those supplies would mean to the Malawian teachers. Kim let tears run down her cheeks, realizing this was more than just a celebration—she’d been a part of something really special.

How You're Putting Malaria in the Past Malawi
Jacklyne says that, thanks to her mosquito net, "there's a big change" in her
Sep 23, 2013 -

The memory of Jacklyne’s last bout with malaria still rests in the back of her mind. But thankfully, that’s all malaria is for her now—a memory. “Since last year, when I got my mosquito net, I’ve never gotten sick from malaria,” she says with a smile. 

Life without a Mosquito Net Malawi
Jacklyne’s siblings had to spend time at the hospital because of malaria
Sep 17, 2013 -

You hear the whiny, high-pitched buzzing and awaken smacking yourself in the ear. But it’s too late. The mosquito has already bitten, and now there’s an itchy little bump on your temple. You try to go back to sleep, but every time you begin to drift off, you hear it again—the worst sound in the world. You swat at the air, clap your hands, but you know that even if you kill the one that just bit you, there are dozens more just like her, waiting for a taste of your blood. 

Miracles at Summer Camp in Malawi Malawi
Thank you for sending children to camp in Malawi!
Sep 10, 2013 -

Emmanuel was not looking forward to camp. As an albino living in Malawi, he was used to other children always making fun of him. So a sleep-away camp with 350 other teenagers did not sound like fun. 

But one of the speakers at the camp spoke of the love of God, and how the teens should all show that love to their neighbors. He encouraged everyone to focus on their future and move forward, despite the challenges of the past. After the speech, Emmanuel was personally inspired and challenged to move forward with his life despite his challenges.