News: Malawi

Bible Studies Raise Up Leaders Malawi
A student receives a leadership award for her participation in SCOM
Apr 1, 2014 -

School just got out at the International Christian Academy, the Children of the Nations (COTN) secondary school in Malawi. But seventy-five of the students aren't rushing to get back to their homes or dorms. They are gathered in a large classroom with their Bibles by their sides, ready to hear the teaching of the day. 

How Sponsorship Made Me Beautiful: Christina's Story Malawi
The extra attention at COTN's remedial program has helped Christina blossom
Mar 21, 2014 -

No one thought Christina would be chosen. Only three representatives from the entire primary school were going to the reading competition, and eleven-year-old Christina was in the remedial class. 

New Girls' Hostel Officially Opens! Malawi
Mar 10, 2014 -

In February, after nearly nine months of construction, the girls at the Children of the Nations secondary school in Malawi, the International Christian Academy, were able to move into their new hostel!

All the girls were excited for their new space. In the makeshift building they were using, many of them had to double up on beds to fit everyone. Now, every girl has her own bunk! 

Sponsorship Saves Bezita from Becoming a Child Bride Malawi
Bezita (left) with some of her friends from COTN's school
Mar 3, 2014 -

If it weren't for you, 14-year-old Bezita says she would be married by now. In her remote village in Malawi, basic resources are scarce and parents often marry their girls off young in hopes of finding someone to support them. 

God Chose My Sponsored Child for Me Malawi
Chelsea planned on choosing a child to sponsor when she went to Malawi.
Feb 18, 2014 -

Almost everyone on Chelsea’s Venture Trip to Malawi already sponsored a child there. At the team meetings and on the flights over, they gabbed cheerfully about what it would be like to reunite with their sponsored child or see them for the first time. But not Chelsea. She still didn’t know who she was there to meet. 

My Day with a Malawian Family Malawi
Feb 6, 2014 -

Today I visited with a family in what is called cultural immersion training. I, along with my translator, Steve, went to visit a young mother named Lenia. She and her husband have three children—two daughters and one little boy. With Steve's help, we asked questions back and forth. That visit was nice, but it was only part of the adventure. 

Checking in with Malawi's Future Leaders Malawi
Mtisunge grew up in the deeply impoverished village of Mtsiliza
Jan 27, 2014 -

Right now in Malawi, you are helping 36 young adults make their way through college. These young people are studying hard today so they can transform their nation tomorrow. A few of them would like to share with you what their goals are and how your support is helping them reach those goals.

The Long Walk to School: Pilirani's Story Malawi
Pilirani (center) and some of her friends from COTN's secondary school
Jan 14, 2014 -

The walk to school was long and dangerous, and Pilirani was only in first grade. Government primary schools are free in Malawi, but they are limited, and this was the closest one. "It was very hard to walk," Pilirani recalls. "We had to pass by a bridge to get to school, which was very difficult when it was raining. The river would flood, and I remember one day we were stuck because we could not get across." 

Thank You for Giving Joy in Malawi! Malawi
The children in each village enjoyed a nice Christmas meal
Jan 9, 2014 -

Thank you for making this Christmas a special one for the children in Malawi! The children in our Village Partnership Program and in our Children’s Homes had a lot of fun activities and great gifts this Christmas, thanks to you. 

Lifted Up from the Dust: Davie's Story Malawi
Davie says of his sponsors, “It’s like they have lifted me up from the dust."
Jan 3, 2014 -

In Malawi, in the dusty fields of Chirombo village, few things are certain. The sun may scorch the freshly planted earth, the rain may flood the seeds out of their furrows, or the two may combine at just the right levels to produce a bountiful harvest.