News: Malawi

Steven's Testimony: How Sponsorship Changed the Course of My Life Malawi
Steven says he couldn't believe his eyes when he first saw his new home
Jul 10, 2014 -

I was born in a family of three children and I am the last born child. I was being brought up by my parents up to the time my mom breathed her last breath. My mom died when I was just three years old.

Photos from Graduation in Malawi Malawi
Jun 30, 2014 -

Saturday, June 28, was the second-ever graduation at COTN's International Christian Academy in Malawi! Twenty-six students—eleven girls and fifteen boys—walked in the graduation. The event was attended by guardians, some VIPs from the Malawi Ministry of Education, two representatives from the COTN-Malawi board of directors, and our very own Honorable Peter Dimba, Member of Parliament. COTN-Malawi board member Richard Chigwenembe read a greeting to the graduates from COTN founders Chris and Debbie Clark.

Meet the Graduates: Maria's Story Malawi
Life was fragile for Maria and her siblings in Malawi
Jun 26, 2014 -

If you knew Maria's story, you'd realize why graduating from high school was an accomplishment beyond her wildest expectations.

Maria still can't believe it. On Sunday, June 29, she will graduate from high school. "I never knew that one day I'd be graduating from high school," she says, still amazed that this day has actually come. 

To My Dear Dad Malawi
Mphatso came to live in our Children's Homes when he was five years old
Jun 12, 2014 -

For Father's Day this year, we asked several of the children in our sponsorship program to tell us who they looked to as a father. Mphatso of Malawi lost his parents when he was four years old. But because of your care and support, he has a new family. An amazing couple who serve on staff at COTN treat him and his brothers and sisters at the Children's Home as their own.

Wordless Wednesday: Children Caring for Children Malawi
Children caring for children in Malawi
Jun 11, 2014 -

You see it all over Malawi: small children carrying smaller children. Sometimes they're just helping mom and dad. But all too often, they're filling the roles of parents who are out of the picture for one reason or another.

How You're Building a Sustainable Future in Malawi Malawi
May 20, 2014 -

Every day, 1,033 children in Malawi eat a nutritious meal at one of our children's centers. Each month, 171 liters (or 45 gallons) of sunflower oil go into those meals. And now, all of that oil is made right on our farm, with the new sunflower oil extraction machine that people like you helped provide!

Her Family’s Best Chance: Getrude’s Story Malawi
Getrude’s education gives her and her family access to better opportunities
May 19, 2014 -

It’s up to Getrude now. She may only be a high school senior, but right now she is her family’s only hope for escaping poverty. 

Cycling for Education: Team Sends African Students to College Malawi
“We did it! Three hundred and seventeen miles, all nine counties, four events"
May 12, 2014 -

What happens when four engineers, a writer, a teacher, a nonprofit worker, and a minister go on a six-day cycling trip? This isn’t the start of a bad joke! These intrepid cyclists toured Northern Ireland’s countryside with the goal of sending three African children to university. The trip turned out to be a ‘wheel’ success! The team has already raised money above and beyond their goal.

Representing the Voiceless Masses: George’s Story Malawi
Drought and disease have greatly contributed to the poverty in Malawi
May 9, 2014 -

The George who sits down for an interview today is no longer the struggling 10-year-old who first entered Children of the Nations (COTN) sponsorship program. Today he’s a healthy, smiling 20-year-old standing at the cusp of his future, eager to work as a journalist and help his fellow Malawians who suffer from extreme poverty. “I want to represent the voiceless masses,” says George, “and make their cries heard.”

God Made a Way Where There Was No Way: Alice's Story Malawi
Apr 21, 2014 -

Alice's mother died when she was three years old. "Since that day, my survival depended only on those who prayed for me and took pity on me, especially the COTN family," Alice says.