News: Malawi

A Father's Perspective on Child Sponsorship Malawi
Tim hopes he can go back to Malawi and see Staniel again soon.
Oct 14, 2014 -

As Tim Pelczar listened to his friend describe the struggles of the children he’d met in Malawi, Tim couldn’t help but think of his nine-year-old son, Christian. What if Christian didn’t have enough food? What if he couldn’t go to school? Would someone help his son? “As a father, you don’t want to see any child suffer,” Tim says. 

Dispelling Cultural Myths with a Children's Book Malawi
Oct 8, 2014 -

Kari Freeman took a deep breath and kept her head down behind the curtain. The audience— more than thirty Malawian children with special needs and their caretakers—sat completely silent. Kari tried to stay focused on her part in the puppet show, but she was nervous. The children had never heard a story like this before. Would they understand it? Would they like it?

Photos from Summer Camp in Malawi Malawi
Summer camp in Malawi
Sep 10, 2014 -

Summer camp in Malawi was great this year! 

Because so many sponsors gave generously, every child in COTN's care got to enjoy games, Bible lessons, crafts, and other fun activities. 

Building Roofs and Relationships in Malawi Malawi
Sep 4, 2014 -

I have been in Malawi for four days, and it is now time for our team to begin our assigned project: replacing roofs for families in the village of Mgwayi. I am straggling behind our team when I arrive at a roofless home a little larger than my living room.

What My Sponsored Kids Mean to Me Malawi
Aug 18, 2014 -

Child sponsorship is an interesting thing. In my more cynical of seasons I saw it as something to do to make yourself feel better about the fact that you have excess and others don’t. Perhaps that’s because of the guilt-trip commercials that always catch me off guard. 

10 Things You Might Not Know About Malawi Malawi
Jul 17, 2014 -

There is plenty to love about this warm-hearted country. Although Malawi is still one of the poorest countries in the world, it is a beautiful place with an interesting history and culture. Enjoy learning about your sponsored child’s homeland!

They Are the Reason I am Here Today: Steven's Sponsors See Him Through College Malawi
Jul 15, 2014 -

Brenda Wilson was in church the night when missionaries Chris and Debbie Clark announced their plan to care for orphaned children in Sierra Leone. That was almost 20 years ago.

Steven's Testimony: How Sponsorship Changed the Course of My Life Malawi
Steven says he couldn't believe his eyes when he first saw his new home
Jul 10, 2014 -

I was born in a family of three children and I am the last born child. I was being brought up by my parents up to the time my mom breathed her last breath. My mom died when I was just three years old.

Photos from Graduation in Malawi Malawi
Jun 30, 2014 -

Saturday, June 28, was the second-ever graduation at COTN's International Christian Academy in Malawi! Twenty-six students—eleven girls and fifteen boys—walked in the graduation. The event was attended by guardians, some VIPs from the Malawi Ministry of Education, two representatives from the COTN-Malawi board of directors, and our very own Honorable Peter Dimba, Member of Parliament. COTN-Malawi board member Richard Chigwenembe read a greeting to the graduates from COTN founders Chris and Debbie Clark.

Meet the Graduates: Maria's Story Malawi
Life was fragile for Maria and her siblings in Malawi
Jun 26, 2014 -

If you knew Maria's story, you'd realize why graduating from high school was an accomplishment beyond her wildest expectations.

Maria still can't believe it. On Sunday, June 29, she will graduate from high school. "I never knew that one day I'd be graduating from high school," she says, still amazed that this day has actually come.