News: Malawi

Thirty-Five Students Celebrate the Completion of High School in Malawi Malawi
Jun 8, 2015 -

On Saturday, June 6, 35 Malawian high school seniors celebrated the end of their high school studies at Children of the Nations' International Christian Academy. Finishing high school is a rare and prestigious accomplishment for any child in Malawi, where drop-out rates are high due to school costs, teenage marriages, and other social pressures. You could feel the excitement and sense of accomplishment in the air as these young students celebrated this milestone.

When God Says "Yes," It's a Promise: David Graduates from College Malawi
Jun 8, 2015 -

It’s been 20 years since COTN opened its doors with a bold mission: “raising children who transform nations.” Twenty years is a critical milestone—the children who first entered COTN’s care so many years ago are all grown up. Now we can answer the big question: is COTN achieving its goal?

Saved by Grace: Agness' Story Malawi
Apr 28, 2015 -

Early death or early marriage.

It might sound extreme, but that’s what many girls face in Malawi

Two Thousand Happy Feet in Malawi Malawi
Apr 21, 2015 -

Why are these children showing off their shoes? 

Let Your Life Fight Poverty: How One Mission Trip Changed Liz's Everyday Decisions Malawi
Mar 30, 2015 -

The clouds grew thick, but the students from Big John’s School in Malawi didn’t pay any attention as they expertly lined up outside for their hot meal. Suddenly it started pouring, a cold, heavy rain. The students didn’t budge. 

Their First Job Interviews: High School Grads Prepare for the Real World Malawi
Mar 24, 2015 -

Rabecca’s hands shook a little as she straightened her collar and prepared to walk into the interview. She knew and loved the COTN staff member who would be on the other side of the door, but she had never had a formal job interview before. “I was so nervous,” she laughs. 

Lighting Up the World: A Family Ties Two Distant Schools Together Malawi
Mar 11, 2015 -

“Helping kids in Africa” might be a vague concept for most American children. But for 6-year-old Camrie Ingram and her 8-year-old sister Mattea, it’s real. Those kids in Africa are now their friends. And now, because of them, a whole school in Lake Stevens, Washington, is connected to a school in Malawi in a very unique way. 

Christmas Photos from Malawi Malawi
Jan 9, 2015 -

Thank you for making this such a great Christmas for our children in Malawi!

Sponsors Keep Steven's College Dreams Alive Malawi
Steven knew he needed sponsors to help send him to college.
Dec 24, 2014 -

We spent Friday in the village of Mgwayi, for what COTN dubs “cultural immersion day.” Our team split into pairs, and each pair was matched with a family. We spent the morning with a little girl named Aida and her mother, plus a rotating cast of cousins and neighbors who made their way in and out of our circle that morning. Our mission that day was to simply spend time with this family, learning a bit about the rhythms of their life.

A Sponsor's Perspective: God Is Working through Child Sponsorship Malawi
Dec 10, 2014 -

I’ve wanted to sponsor a child for a long time. I made excuses about the money and the timing, and I wondered if my small contributions could even make a dent in such enormous issues as poverty and injustice and limited access to education.