News: Malawi

Photos from Christmas in Malawi Malawi
Jan 5, 2016 -

The 2015 Christmas celebrations in Malawi were a hit! Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, the children in our Village Partnership Program, Children’s Homes, and the University Program had a wonderful Christmas.

For their Christmas party, the children performed skits and dances while a DJ played their favorite songs. They ate a special meal of rice and beef and really enjoyed getting to drink soda with their supper!

This year the children received new clothes for Christmas. They enjoyed modeling their new outfits for the camera.

New Mentoring Program Helps Teens Thrive in Malawi Malawi
Dec 4, 2015 -

If you walked by Children of the Nations’ high school in Malawi after school, you’d see an intriguing sight. Classes may be out for the day, but the students haven’t gone home. They are scattered across the campus in groups of twos and threes—under trees, in classroom corners, or leaning against the warm brick building in the afternoon shade—meeting with their mentors.

A Playground with Purpose Malawi
Sep 23, 2015 -

The team stepped off the bus and looked around at the huge, empty piece of land that would soon become a playground for the children in Chirombo, Malawi. Shannon Martin had been waiting to do this project for two years.

Photos from Camp in Malawi Malawi
Sep 15, 2015 -

Camp is often a time to go deeper in your faith. In Malawi this summer, that was exactly the theme. Thanks to your generous gifts, younger sponsored children attended day camps, and older children attended an overnight camp where they learned what it means to be "deeply rooted" in Christ. While they were doing it, they had a blast! Check out some of the photos from this summer:


"I Will Pass On What You Have Given Me": Francisco's Story Malawi
Sep 3, 2015 -

Francisco remembers the last straw. He was eight years old and there was no food in the house. The walk to school was long. He couldn’t do it anymore. 

Building Our First Fish Ponds in Malawi Malawi
Aug 18, 2015 -

The children at COTN's Chitipi Farm Children’s Home in Malawi will be eating fresh fish for Christmas this year.

I Must Tell My Story: Ireen Banda of Malawi Malawi
Aug 10, 2015 -

Sitting in the American camp office and laughing about campers and cultural differences, you couldn’t feel farther away from the harsh world Ireen paints with her stories. But they are her life—though it’s hard to believe this soft-spoken, confident, beautiful young Malawian woman was once fighting on the street for food to bring back to her abusive father and dying mother. 

With God All Things are Possible: Promise's Graduation Story Malawi
Jul 27, 2015 -

“If it wasn’t for COTN, I would be married by now,” Promise begins her story.

Pick Up the Phone, God Is Calling You to Sponsor a Child Malawi
Jul 16, 2015 -

When I was a kid, our telephone was mounted to the wall in the kitchen; its long, curly cord almost touched the floor. We didn’t have an answering machine so when the phone rang, we answered. 

Every call was an invitation to live life, to adventure—just like the call Eugene Choi answered six years ago, in the middle of Malawi.
Photos of Our First COTN Wedding Malawi
Jun 17, 2015 -

On June 13, 2015, the newest branch of the COTN family was added! Olivia, who lost her parents at a young age and grew up in COTN's Children's Homes, married Ryson, her college classmate.