News: Malawi

A Girl's Fate, Changed Because of You Malawi
Sikileti and Francisco still live with their grandmother
Aug 26, 2013 -

"Without your support, Sikileti would have been married by now." Chikondi Kadongola's face becomes serious as he sits next to the eighth-grade girl in front of her home in Malawi. As a Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program Coordinator, he knows that sadly this is the case for too many girls like her. Unable to afford education, they drop out of school and get married—sometimes as young as thirteen—in order to survive. 

Born for a Purpose: Special Needs Children Serve their Community Malawi
Aug 23, 2013 -

“Will it be great, or total chaos?” wondered Nikki Graham as she looked at all the volunteers. All she could see was a sea of green shirts with “to serve” written across the back in Chichewa, a local language in Malawi. This past August, Nikki and a Venture Team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida, did something no one had ever done before, as far as they knew.

"I'm So Happy You're Here!" Malawi
Aug 2, 2013 -

Excited but very nervous, Taylor Breckenridge followed the interpreter down a well-worn path to Mgwayi village in Malawi, Africa. It was her first time in Africa, and she was about to meet the girl she had been writing letters to, praying for, and supporting through sponsorship for three years. As Taylor walked down the path to her home, questions flooded her mind. Would Florence recognize her? Had she gotten the letters, the pictures, or the friendship bracelet Taylor had sent her?

Meet Baby Kalebu! Malawi
Kalebu needs additional sponsors. Will you sponsor him?
Jul 15, 2013 -

If you've been to our Chitipi Farm Children's Home in Malawi, you know Kalebu. Only one and a half years old, he's the baby of the family there, and his "brothers" and "sisters" at the Children's Home love him. And with his biological brother Thomas, the two make quite an adorable, spunky pair. 

"An Honor I Had Never Dreamt Of": Jonathan's Graduation Day Malawi
On June 29, Jonathan got his high school diploma
Jul 2, 2013 -

"Had it been that someone ten years ago told me that I would graduate from secondary school, I would not agree to such a thing, since I had no one to give me support so that I could attend school," says Jonathan of Malawi. 

Photos from Our First Graduation at the International Christian Academy! Malawi
Students celebrate at the first-ever International Christian Academy graduation
Jul 1, 2013 -

On Saturday, June 29, the first-ever class of graduates from the International Christian Academy officially received their diplomas! None of these students would have had access to attend secondary school, let alone graduate, if it wasn't for your support—whether you sponsor their education and care, helped build the school they attend, or pray for the children and our ministry in Malawi. 

The photos just came in. Here's a look at that very special day!

Meet One of the Graduates: Modester Malawi
As a young girl, Modester never would have believed she could graduate
Jun 28, 2013 -

On June 29, Modester will be among the first 40 students to graduate from COTN's secondary school in Malawi—an accomplishment she never thought was possible. Modester lost her father when she was very young and wouldn’t have been able to attend school without her sponsors. Thanks to people like you, she’s had the support she needs—everything from food to school supplies to spiritual guidance and encouragement—to complete school, as well as an excellent school to attend! Here are her reflections as she prepares for graduation:

He Was Never Supposed to Walk, Let Alone Graduate Malawi
Jun 25, 2013 -

They said Grecious would never walk.  Born with cerebral palsy in a village in Malawi, Grecious had no access to medical care or physical therapy. In rural Malawi, many children with disabilities end up ignored, abused, or even dead.

A Family Reunited: Sandram and Zione's Story Malawi
Sandram and Zione were so excited to meet their great-grandmother for the first
Jun 13, 2013 -

It's never our plan for a child to be taken away from their family. But when the situation is as bad as it was for Sandram, there is little other choice. After Sandram's mother passed away, he and his younger sister Zione were left in the care of their paternal uncle. 

Peter Reflects on the Transformation in His Life Malawi
Peter (center, in white) and his "brothers" from COTN's Children's Homes
Jun 4, 2013 -

On a recent visit to Malawi, Children of the Nations (COTN) founders Chris and Debbie Clark were amazed to see how much fourteen-year-old Peter has grown, both physically and spiritually. Twelve years ago, Peter came to COTN's Children's Homes  malnourished and severely underweight.