Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun

Do you need a hump day pick-me-up? Something to make you smile? Something to get you in the mood for the summer?
Children of the Nations is here to help! Enjoy these adorable photos of children rocking some sunglasses—we dare you not to smile!
A child wearing oversized sunglasses
A Dominican girl in giant sunglasses
A Haitian child wears striped sunglasses
A group of children at camp wear matching sunglasses
A girl in Sierra Leone shows off sunglasses that match her outfit
A group of Ugandan children smile for the camera
A young adult wears sunglasses lenses that have broken out of the frame
A child in Malawi wears sunglasses
A girl in Malawi smiles big for the camera
A girl in Malawi at summer camp wears sunglasses upside-down
A small child looks very stylish with sunglasses
A little boy's sunglasses are askew
A girl in sunglasses grins
A little girl swings on a swing