Thank-You Notes from Across the World


We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and you have been a key part of that!

Here are a few notes of gratitude from COTN and the children you have helped:

Thank you for the study tour!

Winnie from Uganda is grateful for the study tour that partners like you allowed her class take: “I am so happy for the kind of heart you had towards our study tour. Thank you so much for helping us candidates.”

We give thanks for summer camp

Richard from Malawi is grateful for this year’s summer camps: “When I heard that we are going to the National Stadium for camp I thought they were joking, but I was filled with joy when I saw that the bus driver was going towards the stadium. I have never been to such beautiful place in my life, and coming to this place was like a dream come to true. . . . I want to thank my sponsors and COTN for giving us this opportunity this year.

We give thanks for shoes and other resources Something as simple as a pair of shoes can make a big difference in a child's life. Thank you!

Children in Haiti recently received notebooks, pens, erasers, shoes, socks, towels, shampoo, soap, brushes, and more from generous partners like you. Michel, Rose-Michelle, Loufguens, Louis, and Béronica all wanted to send “A big thank you to our sponsors” and say, “May God bless you!” to everyone who generously sent them supplies.

We give thanks for the I Love Baseball ministry

Salomón is a former I Love Baseball player from Barahona in the Dominican Republic. He’s now a doctor and he says, “I am so happy and thankful for the support received via the sponsorship as well as for the privilege of being part of this great family COTN.”

We give thanks for lives transformed through Jesus

Manuel from Malawi has graduated from COTN and is now working in ministry. He says, “I thank God that through COTN I have come to know Jesus.”

We give thanks for education and life-changing opportunities

‘‘I consider myself to be blessed [having] been part of the COTN family,’’ says Andrew from Sierra Leone. “I came in contact with COTN in 2005. By then I was a small boy with no dream or ambition. I am blessed for the opportunities given to me and want to thank COTN for taking me at a poor state to the stage of going to university. I am grateful for the love that has been shown to me by all the staff and members of COTN.

We praise God for this past year and all He has done in and through the children. We also praise God for you and all you’ve done to help children grow up healthy, educated, and ready to change their world. Thank you!