Photos from Your Child’s Camp in Malawi


Camp photos are always fun. But this year’s camps in Malawi were special.

Fun with balloons

Thank you for joining the team of people who made summer camps possible for children in Malawi! The donations you and other sponsors gave through our special Easter card fundraiser earlier this year provided the resources needed to make summer camps a special time for the children.

This year’s camps were lead by COTN–Malawi Spiritual Care staff, Young Life leaders, church partners, and COTN–Malawi University students.


Younger students experienced camp at Dreamland Amusement Park. In addition to riding the rides, children ages three to nine heard the gospel message, sang, and participated in prayer. The camp’s theme was Knowing Jesus.

This unique camp allowed all the younger children from various COTN–Malawi locations (Mtsiliza, Chilombo, Chitipi, and Magwyi) to meet each other. You can tell from the photos how much they are enjoying this rare reunion.

Dreamland amusement park
Joshua from Chilombo said, “When we went there I was excited! Also enjoyed the food and music [so much] that half of my time there I was dancing with my friends. I was also happy to see all my friends from Mtsiliza, Mgwayi and Chitipi.”

Nutritious meal
                                        Children enjoyed a tasty, nutritious meal.

Spinning fun
Shakira from Mgwayi Village said, “I have enjoyed this 2017 camp a lot because they had rides and we had enough time to have fun. I pray they will take us there again next year 2018. Am so happy to be part of this COTN family, and I enjoy every single moment with them and am so thankful for allowing me be part of this camp.”

Close-up of spinning fun

Children from 10 to 12 years old went to FIFA-affiliated Bingu International Stadium to participate in sports camp. The camp theme was Jesus Is My Friend—I Can Trust Him.

                            Eighty-one children gave their lives to Christ through this camp!


Running the race
One of our campers, Richard, said, “When I heard that we are going to the National Stadium for camp I thought they were joking, but I was filled with joy when I saw that the bus driver was going towards the stadium. I have never been to such beautiful place in my life, and coming to this place was like a dream come to true. . . . I want to thank my sponsors and COTN for giving us this opportunity this year.”


Sack race

High school students got to experience camp at Dedza Chongoni, a beautiful area of Malawi surrounded by mountains. The camp theme was Knowing Jesus. The students enjoyed games, hiking in the nearby mountains, worship, prayer time, and studying God’s Word.

Camp in the mountains

                     Seventy-two students gave their lives to Christ at this camp! Praise God!

Davie, one of our campers, says, “We enjoyed time to worship and praise God, and for real, this was my greatest moment. I was so happy to have this moment this year. . . . I thank COTN allowing me to be part of 2017 camp, and because of this camp, I have learnt a lot, and I believe this will also help me to stay close to Him.”


Sitting in a tree

Group photo

Thank you for giving to summer camp and sharing God’s love with children in Malawi!