“It Is a Dream That Now I Am in University”—Sandram’s Story


Sandram says, “Before COTN, I was living a miserable life.” Sandram grew up in Malawi, the oldest of seven children. His childhood became particularly miserable after his father divorced his mother and forced her to leave their home and take the four boys and three girls with her.


     Young Sandram's mother struggled to support seven children by herself.


Sandram remembers skipping school to work in other people’s maize gardens in exchange for food. He says, “We lacked every basic necessity in life. Eventually, my mother moved to her village in Chilombo. Though life was still hard living with a single mother with seven children depending solely on her.”


Sandram's family lives in a very poor area of Malawi. Having Sandram enrolled in the Village Partnership Program lifted a burden off of his single mother.


But then, thanks to sponsors like you, everything changed. Sandram says, “When we were registered in COTN, under [the] Village Partnership Program in our village, life started changing because we started getting support like clothes, shoes, lotion, blankets, and more. Above all, I was able to go back to school with my siblings. Even spiritually, my life changed. Within the same month, I went to Njewa [COTN's Ministry Center] and during devotions I gave my life to Jesus Christ.”


Sandram's graduation

Thanks to sponsors like you, Sandram has the rare opportunity to attend university and change his community.


Sandram says, “Now I have hope for the future.” After graduating from high school, Sandram was accepted into COTN’s University/Vocational Program and spent some time as an assistant teacher at the Chilombo nursery school before beginning his studies in horticulture at the Natural Resources College. His goal is to learn sustainable agricultural practices. But that’s not his only goal. He says, “After my school[ing], I hope to be employed and able to support others, just as COTN is doing.”


Older Sandram

                  Sandram is already starting to change his community and his nation.


And Sandram has already started to fulfill this goal. During holiday breaks, he teaches at COTN’s Chilombo nursery school. He says, “I want to help my family and community after finishing my studies. I am completing my academic program this June, 2017.”

Sandram adds, “[I] am so grateful to God and Children of the Nations for turning my life around. Looking back to my family, it is a dream that now I am in university. My single mother could not manage to provide and pay for my schooling—it is by the grace of God. I will work hard, and with the help of God, I will do many great things!”

Thank you for fulfilling the dreams of children like Sandram!