The Meek Are Getting Ready: Jenifer’s Story


Jenifer’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (NIV). And her beginnings, growing up among the poorest in Malawi, can only be described as humble.

Young Jenifer
After Jenifer’s parents moved from their home district, about 125 miles away from Mtsiliza, they were unable to find work.

Before coming to COTN around the age of seven, Jenifer did not have enough food to eat. Her parents struggled to find work and were unable to feed Jenifer and her siblings. So even though Jenifer was able to attend school, she struggled to study as her belly growled.

Now Jenifer is 14 years old, and in addition to attending school, Jenifer has enough food, school materials, and clothing, which is a relief to her family. She says, “If COTN was not feeding us I don’t know what life could have been like.”

Jenifer with her sister Iness
                           Jenifer (left) with her younger sister, Iness, who is also in COTN’s sponsorship program.

“I would like to get educated and be able to support my family. I would like to help my parents in most of their needs,” Jenifer declares. “I would like to buy them a piece of land for settlement.”

But it’s not just her own family that Jenifer wants to help. COTN staff describe her as full of compassion. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Jenifer says, “I want to help treat the sick. I am very much concerned with issues of HIV and AIDS prevailing in our nation. I am also concerned with issues of TB and cholera.”  

It is because of your support, through COTN, that these dreams have become a possibility. Jenifer wants to thank her sponsors, saying, “I would like to thank them for the support they have been giving me since I joined COTN. My life has been transformed positively.” And she encourages people to “extend the support to other children as well.”

Jenifer with her friends
                                          Jenifer (center) with her friends at the COTN Center in Mtsiliza.

When asked what she has learned about God at COTN, Jenifer says, “I have learnt about how God uses people.” She loves the story of Moses (a man known for his meekness and humility), saying, “I like the way God used him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.”

Jenifer’s favorite activities include playing with her friends, knitting, and COTN’s yearly trip to Lake Malawi. She asks that you will pray for her so she can fulfill her dreams of helping others.

Thank you for letting God use you to help children like Jenifer. With your help, they will grow up to “inherit the earth” and change their nations for Christ.