Lezitah's Story: Thank You for Giving Hope to a Hopeless Child


Children of the Nations is proud to present the story of Lezitah Madziayenda, a COTN graduate, in her own words. (Lezitah was recently featured in the summer issue of Beyond the Village, the COTN partner newsletter. You can see more stories like this by signing up for email updates.)


                    A young Lezitah, after she had been taken into one of COTN's Children's Homes in Malawi.

Hello, my name is Lezitah. I would like to share my testimony with you.

I was born to a very poor family in Malawi, the youngest of five children. My father had three wives, of which my mother was the third. Because of this, he did not take responsibility for us. My mother had to do odd jobs to earn money to buy food and clothes for us.

We lived in a hut with a thatched roof. When the rains came, the roof leaked and our little beds got wet. If it rained at night, we would stand at the corner of the house and wait for it to stop.

When I was still very young, my mother got sick and passed away. My father forgot about me, and my two step-mothers did not want me to live in their houses. I was told to go live with my aunt who was a widow and also had six children.

Living with my aunt, we would eat once a day, or sometimes not at all. We would eat maize, bran, or vegetables only.

In the winter, my cousins and I slept in the kitchen near the fire to keep warm. We slept in fear because we shared that kitchen with goats and there were hyenas outside waiting to eat those goats. If the hyenas were to enter, they would have eaten us together with the goats.

I wished I had someone to help me. I did not even think I would continue with school and have ambitions.

Thank God for COTN, which gave hope to a hopeless child. When I was taken into a COTN home, everything changed.


                          Lezitah after graduating from university with a degree in community development.

In the COTN Children's Home, I had parents who welcomed me so warmly and shared the love of God with me. I was given a nice bed, and I was in a house with lights—something I never thought I would have.

My parents gave me all the support for my education, and I was successful in every class. Graduating from university was something I never dreamt of.

A special thanks to all COTN sponsors and partners, and of course, Dad Chris and Mom Debbie who are doing this amazing work for my brothers and sisters in Malawi. Some of them have passed through harder times, and when you see them today, you would glorify God. Thank you very much!



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