Christmas Photos from Malawi


Thank you for making this such a great Christmas for our children in Malawi!

It's summer in Malawi right now, so as part of the Christmas celebration, the children cooled off with a trip to the lake. They also enjoyed a Christmas meal and some sweet treats, and received gifts of new clothes, thanks to you!
Enjoy the photos!
                       Children in Chirombo show off the new Christmas outfits you helped provide. Thank you!
                                          The children's choir in Chirombo sings a celebratory chorus.
                                                      Women in Chirombo joined in the festivities.
                                                                           The Christmas meal.
                                                               Cooling off with a dip in the lake!
                                             Children from Mtsiliza enjoying their time at the lake.
                                                           Fanta is always a popular treat in Malawi.
                                                      Thank you for giving us a great Christmas!