Representing the Voiceless Masses: George’s Story


The George who sits down for an interview today is no longer the struggling 10-year-old who first entered Children of the Nations (COTN) sponsorship program. Today he’s a healthy, smiling 20-year-old standing at the cusp of his future, eager to work as a journalist and help his fellow Malawians who suffer from extreme poverty. “I want to represent the voiceless masses,” says George, “and make their cries heard.”

George still remembers how difficult his life was before he entered COTN
          George still remembers how difficult his life was before he entered COTN's child sponsorship program.
George sums up his life before sponsorship with one word: miserable. His father died when George was a little boy and his mother struggled to find work. He still remembers the long, hungry nights when his mother didn’t have enough money for food. His family couldn’t afford to buy soap or go to the doctor, and George’s clothes were inadequate by the most basic standard.
But the desperate circumstances of his childhood are now a part of George’s story. He is using his past to fuel his dream of becoming a journalist. Being a student at African Bible College in Lilongwe, Malawi, is a major step toward George’s goal. “It has tremendously increased my knowledge and is preparing me to be a responsible citizen for Malawi,” he says. “Moreover being at a Christian college I have come to know God more.”
Drought and disease have greatly contributed to the poverty in Malawi
      Drought, disease, and political corruption have greatly contributed to the poverty of so many people in Malawi.
After graduation, George hopes he can become an influential voice in his country’s future. “I would like to see Malawi become a democratic society and corruption free,” he says. “I want to see the welfare of Malawians improve.” 
George is asking for your prayers as he pursues his God-sized goal. “I know only God gives,” he says. “I pray for protection, good health, wisdom, comfort, and above all thank Him for the gift of life.”
Thanks to George’s sponsors, his smile is a reflection of his bright future
                       Thanks to George’s sponsors, his smile is a reflection of the bright future he now has!
George has already seen God’s provision through the generosity of his sponsors. “Thank you so much for helping me,” he says to them. “I don’t take it for granted. I am working extra hard so that after my schooling I can help other people. Soon my dream will come true.”
Transform the life of a child like George through sponsorship, and watch what they will do!