Farmer Jackson


Jackson grins as he pulls an enormous sweet potato from the ground. "You must work hard to get something," he says, as he proudly examines his produce. There is no doubt that Jackson put a lot of work into this little plot of land that is now producing vegetables for him. But without the right tools and seeds, all his hard work would be in vain. 

"In Malawi, we get our food through agriculture," the bright high school student explains. "But many families don't do it, because they lack tools and seeds. People are willing to work, but they don't have what they need."
Jackson grew up on Chitipi Farm
Jackson grew up on Chitipi Farm, where people like you helped provide the tools to produce abundant food. But Jackson says many people in Malawi lack the seeds and tools necessary to produce food.
Since Jackson came to live in the Children of the Nations (COTN) Children's Homes in Malawi, he has always had what he needs. He was blessed enough to grow up at Chitipi Farm. Thanks to the generous gifts of seeds, farm tools, and other agricultural supplies that people like you provide through the COTN gift catalog, Jackson got to grow up on a working farm. The farm provided nutritious food and helped him learn how to grow his own. But Jackson remembers a day when things weren't as good. 
As a small child, Jackson watched helplessly as his father slowly died. His mother died not long after. Both were sick and couldn't afford medical care. For three years after his mother's death, Jackson learned what it was like to want to work, but to simply not have the tools to produce food. 
"It was very hard not having enough to eat, and not being able to go to school," Jackson says. 
Today, Jackson is an example of how your investment in simple gifts like farm tools and seeds multiply. 
The basic supplies that people like you provided for Chitipi Farm have helped Jackson, and many of his friends, develop both skill and passion for farming. Now, Jackson and three of his friends have started their own garden at COTN's secondary school, the International Christian Academy. They eat some of the produce and sell the rest. Their plan is to use the profits to invest in more farm tools, and maybe even some livestock. 
Jackson (right) and his friends Yohane and Alfred started a garden
         Jackson (right) and his friends Yohane and Alfred started a garden at the International Christian Academy. 
Jackson's eventual goal is to take his farming skills back to his home village. "I want to grow cassava at my home village, and use the money to build a home and help my relatives," he says. 
Give a gift that multiplies this Christmas! Give seeds or farm tools! 


The power of giving! So happy to see someone who didn't have anything before see the product of his work!!!