Miracles at Summer Camp in Malawi


Emmanuel was not looking forward to camp. As an albino living in Malawi, he was used to other children always making fun of him. So a sleep-away camp with 350 other teenagers did not sound like fun. 

But one of the speakers at the camp spoke of the love of God, and how the teens should all show that love to their neighbors. He encouraged everyone to focus on their future and move forward, despite the challenges of the past. After the speech, Emmanuel was personally inspired and challenged to move forward with his life despite his challenges.

                      Emmanuel says that this summer, camp changed his life completely.

When he began to interact with the other young people at camp, he was surprised to see they were also challenged by the speech, and began to accept and welcome him in love. "This camp changed everything for me," he says. 

Emmanuel's story is just one of many stories sponsors like you made possible, by providing for summer camp this year! Thanks to you, more than 700 of our older sponsored children were able to attend sleep-away camp through a partnership with Scriptue Union Malawi. The rest of the children attended day camps in their villages. Check out some of the great photos from camp! 

The first group of 350 sponsored children listens to a sermon at camp with Scripture Union Malawi.

           After the sermons, sponsored children met in small groups to discuss the message.

                              Praying together in small groups at Scripture Union camp.

                    One of the day camps included a field trip to the Lilongwe Wildlife Center!

                       Some of the day-camp participants pose at the Lilongwe Wildlife Center.

Many of the animals at the wildlife center are not found in populated areas, so the children had never seen them before. 

                                        The wildlife center also had a great playground!

                                                Everybody loved the slide!

Thank you for making this summer's camp a success! 


Do you want to help more children like Emmanuel experience God's love through camp? There's still time to give to our 2017 Indiegogo Campaign!