Meet Baby Kalebu!


If you've been to our Chitipi Farm Children's Home in Malawi, you know Kalebu. Only one and a half years old, he's the baby of the family there, and his "brothers" and "sisters" at the Children's Home love him. And with his biological brother Thomas, the two make quite an adorable, spunky pair. 

Kalebu and Thomas are the babies of the Chitipi Farm Children's Home
Kalebu (left) and Thomas (shown here in 2012) are the babies of the Chitipi Farm Children's Home, our home in Malawi for children who have no family members to care for them.
But Kalebu didn't always have a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. Abandoned at birth, his first few weeks were full of hunger and trauma. Kalebu's mother is mentally ill, and left him with his grandmother shortly after he was born. His grandmother knew there was no way he could survive in her care—she barely had enough money to feed herself, let alone a newborn.  
Children of the Nations (COTN) staff had rescued Kalebu's brother Thomas after he was also abandoned. For the first six days of his life, Thomas had survived on nothing but water—the only thing his grandmother could afford to feed him. 
Because they saw the incredible care Thomas got at Chitipi Farm—care that literally save his life—Kalebu's family knew they could find a safe home for him with COTN. He came into the Children's Home in January of 2012, and has been healthy and growing since then. 
Kalebu has been healthy and growing since he came to live at Chitipi Farm
                Kalebu has been healthy and growing since he came to live at the Chitipi Farm Children's Home. 
But Kalebu still needs sponsors to help provide for his care at Chitipi Farm. Each child in COTN's care has multiple sponsors, to provide the most complete care possible.
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Kalebu needs additional sponsors. Will you sponsor him?
Through child sponsorship, you will help provide for his food, clothing, and the staff members who care for him. You will help him attend school, a privilege that many children in Malawi never get. You will get to write him letters and watch him grow into a young man—a young man who will hopefully one day bring positive and lasting change to his community and nation. 
500 children like Kalebu are waiting for sponsors this summer. Sponsor a child today!