Photos from Our First Graduation at the International Christian Academy!


On Saturday, June 29, the first-ever class of graduates from the International Christian Academy officially received their diplomas! None of these students would have had access to attend secondary school, let alone graduate, if it wasn't for your support—whether you sponsor their education and care, helped build the school they attend, or pray for the children and our ministry in Malawi. 

The photos just came in. Here's a look at that very special day!

                                                                   The decorations were great!

                                                                        The students march in.

                                                              The class lines up for the ceremony.

                                                The ceremony included speeches and a traditional dance.    

             For Grecious, graduation day was just one of many miracles in his life. Read his testimony here.

                                                                    Grecious receives his diploma!

Several sponsors and staff came to Malawi for the graduation. Kim Witte, a sponsor who has visited Malawi many times, came to support her sponsored child, Jonathan. Stay tuned for their story tomorrow!

                  COTN-International Education Director Wendy Brown was also there to congratulate the students. 

                     It was such an exciting day! Thank you for your part in helping the students make it this far!

Stay tuned for more students' stories and testimonies in the coming days!