Meet One of the Graduates: Modester


On June 29, Modester will be among the first 40 students to graduate from COTN's secondary school in Malawi—an accomplishment she never thought was possible. Modester lost her father when she was very young and wouldn’t have been able to attend school without her sponsors. Thanks to people like you, she’s had the support she needs—everything from food to school supplies to spiritual guidance and encouragement—to complete school, as well as an excellent school to attend! Here are her reflections as she prepares for graduation:

I would not believe it if someone would have said I will graduate those days when life showed me no hope. In fact, no one in my family would have made it because we were all hopeless. We didn’t expect much in our lives, and being able to finish my secondary school, it’s unbelievable.
As a young girl, Modester never would have believed she could graduate
Modester first came into COTN’s care, thanks to her generous sponsors, about ten years ago. She says that before then, she never would have believed she could graduate from secondary school.
For me to finish my secondary school I have passed through many challenges. I defeated all these challenges because I knew myself and I did not want to misuse the chance that God gave me.
My sponsors have supported me with so many things. They have been sending letters to encourage me to feel that I am loved and cared for. They also pray for God to fulfill his plans in my life.
In my family, no one has completed secondary school and I am very glad to be the first one to graduate and be a good example in my village. After my graduation, I hope to go on to university.
I want to go to university to further my studies because I want to transform my village, my family, and my country academically, spiritually, and financially because I was born and chosen to make a difference.
Modester today
To my sponsors I would like to thank them for giving me support and encouragement for me to be able to graduate this year. I wish they were there on my graduation to celebrate with me. It is my prayer that one day we will meet to share my success story.
I can’t wait to see this day of my graduation and am very excited to hear that I am a high school graduate this month of June. To me this means happiness and a day to enjoy God’s grace on my life.
Modester is in the first graduating class from COTN's secondary school in Malawi
Modester (center right) will graduate this weekend in the first graduating class from COTN's secondary school in Malawi!
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