A Miraculous Day in Malawi


The invitations went out by word of mouth—to every family with a child in Children of the Nations' child sponsorship program in Malawi, government officials, business people, and all the local village chiefs.  The staff waited—expecting about 800 people to show up at Children of the Nations' (COTN) ministry center for the first Center Day in Malawi. 

But when the day arrived, the people didn't stop coming. Eight hundred became one thousand, and still the families trickled in—from Chirombo, Mgwayi, and Mstiliza—all the villages COTN partners with in Malawi. Some of the children had never traveled outside of their village in their lives!
Everyone squeezed together to fit under the tents for the presentations
                                     Everyone squeezed together to fit under the tents for the presentations. 
Above the hubbub of more than a thousand parents and children finding their seats, the drums began to beat. Children from COTN's child sponsorship program began a lively, traditional dance. 
As the performances continued, the crowd kept gathering.  By the time things really got going, there were about 1,600 people.  "It looked like a miracle," reports COTN–Malawi staff member Frackson Mahango. "Like what Jesus did with the five thousand people!"
The children perform a song
                                                                    The children perform a song. 
The idea behind Center Day is to bring the entire local community in to COTN, to showcase the transformation and blessing that people like you are helping bring about in so many ways. Children performed dances and skits, and there were competitions, speeches, and devotions.  There was also an opportunity for people to walk around and visit booths displaying information about the different programs and projects that people like you are making possible in their community. 
A COTN staff member explains the Children's Home model to guests
                                        A COTN staff member explains the Children's Home model to guests.
Guests learn about COTN's farms and agriculture programs in Malawi
                                      Guests learn about COTN's farms and agriculture projects in Malawi.
If you attended Center Day, you would have been the guest of honor. So many of the things that were showcased that day have only been possible because of people like you! And you would see that your support brings blessing not only to individual children, but to their whole communities—literally thousands and thousands of people. 
This will not be the last Center Day.  As Frackson says, "We have been missing out all this time without conducting a Center Day!" So maybe one day you WILL be the guest of honor!
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