They Call Her ‘Agogo’


Lori Campbell started selling books online to raise money for her many trips to Malawi. But last year God gave her a new idea: to use the money to sponsor children as well. She began with five children, but plans to include many more. “God laid on my heart the number eighty,” she says. “I wish I could sponsor the entire village!”

Lori’s first encounter with Africa came in 2006, when she traveled from her home in Florida to Malawi on a Children of the Nations Venture Trip. She brought along a photo of her newborn granddaughter, prompting her new friends to call her Agogo, which means grandmother in Chichewa, the local language. The nickname stuck throughout Lori’s subsequent trips to Malawi (her trip this June will be her sixth), and last year she founded Agogo’s Attic, her online bookstore. 
“When you’ve been to one of our countries,” says Laura Cook, COTN’s Orlando office director, “and seen it with your own eyes, met our staff and our children and heard their stories in person, you can’t help but be changed.”
Since opening her online store a year ago, Lori has sold almost two thousand books. She says it’s become a part-time job. Recently she's been selling about 250 books a month. She spends her Saturdays combing through yard sales and estate sales and then hours every night updating her books and shipping orders. With more than a thousand books posted online and hundreds of boxes more to be sold, Lori says she never imagined she would have so many books in such a short period of time.  One room in her home is affectionately called the ‘library,’ and a storage unit holds several hundred more boxes of books. 
With a vision for future sponsorships and a growing business, Lori is prayerfully researching what it will take to turn Agogo’s Attic into a nonprofit organization. “I don’t know where this is going to take me, but I’m open,” she says.
“By her selling these books, those five sponsored children have a completely new chance at life,” says Laura.  “They have someone who is praying for them, encouraging them, supporting them from afar, enabling them to go to school, have food, and be cared for in a medical clinic if they get sick.”  Now, Laura says, these children have the chance to become leaders in their country. “That’s a pretty huge effect from something like selling books online.”
Interested in sponsoring children in need? You can make a difference for one, five, or eighty children! Visit our child sponsorship page today!