Your Support Inspires Junior to Care for Others


Everything changed when Junior's father died. Once one of the better-off families in his village in Malawi—meaning simply that his parents could afford to feed their children three meals each day—Junior and his two siblings suddenly had no one to provide for their needs. 

Junior's mother found work in a different village, and so the whole family picked up and moved there. They didn't realize it then, when they mournfully packed up their things and left their only home, but the village of Mtsiliza had other blessings in store for them—because of you. 
Junior's mother couldn't work enough to provide for all her children, and she was constantly away from home.  Junior was essentially growing up in a child-headed home—his older sister was his main caregiver. It was for this reason he came to the attention of Children of the Nations (COTN) staff, who identified him and his sister as good candidates for child sponsorship through COTN's Mtsiliza Village Partnership Program
Junior says that your support through child sponsorship has made all the difference in his life. "I like the support and encouragement that I receive in my education," he says. "I am able to maintain best scores in school just because of the support that I get, through food, exercise books, and other school materials." Your support truly has made a difference, as Junior is now one of the top students in his class. And on his last exam, he was among the top ten in his whole region!
Junior says the biggest change your support has brought him is spiritual. "Before I was in COTN, I was someone who didn't know God," he says. "Now, I know Bible stories and verses. I have also come to know that God is love."
You have been a part of showing the love of God to Junior. Your care and concern for children in need has had a big influence on his goals for the future. "I would like to support orphans myself in the future," he says.  "My dream for Malawi is that it would be a place where orphans are well supported."
You can help children in Africa through child sponsorship!  Sponsor a child today!