Your Meals Provide Timely Aid in Malawi


This year, the people of Malawi are facing severe hunger. More than 1.6 million Malawians will need food aid —almost eight times more than last year—according to the World Food Program.

Hunger has always been a major issue in the communities Children of the Nations (COTN) serves in Malawi. In normal years, it is a struggle for most families to adequately feed their children. "Before I came to COTN, food wasn't enough," explains Linda, a sponsored child in our Mtsiliza Village Partnership Program. "We did not have enough land to grow food for our family. We were supposed to buy food, but we never had money because my father relied on informal employment to support the family."
This is the case for most of the children you support through COTN's child sponsorship program. "Everyone  has a rural farming background," explains Peter Drennan, COTN's Malawi liaison and sustainable development director. Few people have reliable sources of monetary income, so purchasing food is often not an option.
This year, erratic rains coupled with uncontrollable inflation means that many families like Linda's will not be able to get enough food.
More than fifty percent of Malawians earn less than one dollar a day, and inflation has caused the price of a 50-kg (110-pound) bag of maize to rise above $25. "That's one month's wage," says Peter. "And for a family with six or seven children, a bag doesn't go very far."
That's why your support through sponsoring children, packaging meals, making donations, and prayer means so much to the children. Your help has been very timely, especially in the village of Mgwayi, where some of you just helped launch a daily feeding program at one of our schools. Now every child who attends our primary school, Big John's School, can look forward to a nutritious lunch. "If parents don't have to buy as much maize because their kids get fed five days a week, that makes a big difference," says Peter.
Not only does this ease the burden on families, it also improves the children's performance in school, as they are not distracted by their growling belly. And Education Consultant Tiana Richmond reports that attendance has been much better at Big John's now that the children get a meal.
Thanks to people like you, the children we serve in Malawi know they will make it through this lean season. Thank you for caring for them!
How You can Help:

The best way to provide for a child in need is to sponsor a child.


You can also make a donation to COTN's general fund, which can be used to support farms and feeding programs in Malawi and the other countries where we serve. Just $25 can provide 100 meals for hungry children.