How You Brought Clean Water to a Malawian Village


Getting sick is a scary thing in the remote village of Chirombo, which is far from any hospitals or doctors.  And because the main water source used to be shallow wells along the river, twelve-year-old Telina was sick a lot. Telina says stomachaches, diarrhea, skin rashes, and tapeworms were part of daily life for her.  She hated being sick, especially because it caused her to miss school.  

"I was forcing myself to school," Telina remembers, not wanting to miss a moment of the education sponsors and partners like you are providing for her.  "But sometimes I would have to come back because of the illness," she says.  When she wasn't sick, Telina's day started early—she had to get up before the sun rose to make the journey to the river to draw water and get back before school began.  
A few months ago, Telina's daily routine changed drastically.  Partners like you helped fund a well near her home.  Now fresh, clean water is just a few minutes away.  Telina already sees the difference in her health, and has great hope for how your gift will affect her schoolwork.  "It will help us achieve our goals," she says, "because when I am healthy, I am able to concentrate in class."  
Telina and the more than 200 families who now get their water from the new well aren't the only ones grateful for your provision of clean water.  The children and staff of Children of the Nations (COTN) gathered for a well inauguration ceremony shortly after the well was opened.  The ceremony was graced by the honorable Anita Kalinde, Malawi's Deputy Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Welfare.  In her speech, Mrs. Kalinde hailed partners like you for the support you are providing. "You are reaching out to areas where the government is failing to reach, due to the economic crisis in our nation," she said.    
Mrs. Mopsanya, a parent in the community of Chirombo who has spent her life traveling back and forth from the river for water, says she never thought she'd see the day when, "we have water at our doorstep." Mrs. Mopsanya has chosen to invest in the well by being part of a committee in charge of maintaining it.  She was elected the chairwoman, and holds this position with pride.  She proclaims that the well has been a life-changing gift.  A mother with several children to keep clean, her biggest praise is, "we are now free to take baths as many times as we want!"  Thank you for the well!
The people of Chirombo need two more wells to provide clean water for all the children in their community.  Help them drill their second well today!