A Lesson in God's Perfect Timing


An excerpt from a letter by Stephen Mizeki, one of our children in Malawi, to his sponsor here in the US…

“I am a person who likes listening to music and in my life I wanted a CD player since I admired some of my friends’ CD players. I knew that I couldn’t afford to buy it but I trusted in the Lord and I used to pray for it.

Many years passed without having it until last year when COTN organized an essay writing competition. I was one of the participants in this essay writing and we were promised prizes if our essays were good.

I prayed every day that I should be one of the winners and it happened as I asked Him. With His love upon my life, I scooped first position in my country! And the prize I was given was that very thing that I used to pray for, the CD player!

Now I’m really proud of myself and I thank God every day for that. This really has taught me to be patient whenever I ask thing from God because He knows the right time to give these things to me.”

Stephen Mizeki

Stephen Mizeki is from our children’s home in Chiwengo Village in Malawi. He came to COTN in 1999 when he was eight years old. He is currently eighteen and attends boarding school. Click here to read Stephen’s essay, which took first-place for Malawi in COTN’s “Now I Can Dream” essay contest last year.