Raising COTN’s Voice through Radio


Last year, we broke ground on an exciting project in Malawi—KaJAMbula Studio, a recording studio, complete with radio broadcasting capabilities, at our Njewa Ministry Center. (Kajambula means “recording” in Chichewa, a tribal language of Malawi.) Today, the studio is nearing completion and will soon to be up-and-running. A recording studio in Africa? What does that have to do with raising children who transform nations? A lot! The recording studio has the potential to raise COTN’s voice in Malawi—reaching farther into the surrounding communities and eventually the whole nation of Malawi.

Our long-term goal is that the studio will generate local radio programming that focuses on Christian programming and social issues involving children. Culturally, Africans are storytellers. By creating radio programs that broadcast culturally relevant stories that children can relate to, we hope to empower children and give them hope for a better future.

Our initial programming will focus on social issues affecting young girls. Marginalized by her government, the young Malawian girl is often forced to marry at an early age and leave school at age 10, 11, or 12. She is likely never to go back now that she is married with children. Our initial strategy will be to create 52 weeks of 30-minute programs addressing these issues and broadcast them over the radio. By creating culturally relevant stories children can relate to, we hope to end this cycle of hopelessness by empowering these young girls with options, pointing them to local relief agencies, and thus breaking this cycle. Eventually, it is our desire that income from the recording studio will raise funds to purchase air-time on national radio channels—carrying COTN’s voice throughout the entire nation of Malawi!

In the meantime, as we seek to make KaJAMbula Studio fully functional, our short-term goal is that the recording studio will create self-sustaining income for COTN–MA by selling studio time to individuals and church groups, recording local and American musicians, and creating job opportunities. But we need your help! Partner with us by using your talents and passions to provide:

Musicians – Individuals with a background in music, recording, or studio management to go to Malawi and provide on-the-job training to our Malawian staff (training in use of equipment, software, etc.) We would love to get some short-term teams to travel to Malawi and devote 3–4 hours/day to invest their time and talents in the studio.

Sound Engineers – Individuals who have a background in recording studios and a heart for ministry to work alongside our Malawian staff, imparting knowledge to them.

Recording Engineers – Individuals with experience in setting up equipment, miking bands, etc.

Donation of Musical Instruments – In order to be fully-functional, the studio needs to be outfitted with musical instruments. Needed are: an electrical guitar with amplifier, bass guitar with amplifier, electronic keyboard, electronic or acoustic drum set, and an acoustic guitar with amplifier.

Partner with us to “turn up the volume” on COTN’s voice in Malawi!

For more information on KuJAMbula Studio please e-mail info@COTNI.org.