Desperate to Go to School: Augustine’s Story Sierra Leone
Aug 29, 2016 -

Augustine knows the value of education because he has tasted how hard life can be without it.

Before Children of the Nations was established in Ngolala, Sierra Leone, Augustine’s family was split up and he was living in a nearby village with an aunt who mistreated him.

Augustine has a vivid memory of seeing his mother after she learned of the mistreatment; she came marching up the road to confront his aunt—and to bring him home. But his parents still couldn’t make ends meet, and Augustine was sent to live with an older sister in another village.

More Photos from Your Child’s Summer Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Aug 23, 2016 -

Thanks to your generous giving, Children of the Nations hosted summer camps for children in the Dominican Republic. We’ve already shared photos from our younger campers. But older students also enjoyed days of Bible teaching, worship, and summer fun!

Photos from Your Child’s Summer Camp in Malawi Malawi
Aug 22, 2016 -

Thanks to your generous giving, COTN-Malawi was able to host summer camps for our children this year. Children who attended played games, participated in worship, learned Bible lessons, and had an all-around good time. We are excited to share their camp photos with you.

Changing the Way We See Poverty—in Africa and at Home United States
Aug 16, 2016 -

After playing hard, young Monica fell asleep in Steffanie Heringer’s lap. COTN’s Uganda staff told Steffanie that Monica felt safe in her arms. This was the first time Steffanie met Monica, the girl she and her husband, Dan, had been sponsoring through Children of the Nations.

Lezitah's Story: Thank You for Giving Hope to a Hopeless Child Malawi
Aug 16, 2016 -

Children of the Nations is proud to present the story of Lezitah Madziayenda, a COTN graduate, in her own words. (Lezitah was recently featured in the summer issue of Beyond the Village, the COTN partner newsletter. You can see more stories like this by signing up for email updates.)

Photos from Your Child’s Summer Camp in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Aug 10, 2016 -

Children of the Nations recently hosted four 3-day summer camps in Sierra Leone, one youth camp and three children’s camps. The camps were led by in-country staff and COTN Venture team members. Activities at camp included listening to God’s Word being preached, games, skits, dancing, Bible quizzes, soccer matches, arts and crafts, and worship music.

Update on Miguel: How You Have Changed the Life of a Child with Cystic Fibrosis Dominican Republic
Aug 3, 2016 -

“I no longer feel sick,” says Miguel* of the Dominican Republic. “I feel way better because I used to feel so sick, but now I am enjoying this summer in a very happy way.”


Photos from Your Child’s Summer Camp in Haiti Haiti
Aug 2, 2016 -

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors and other COTN partners, our children in Haiti recently got to enjoy summer camp. Our camp theme was Living a Life of Obedience. And our camp verse was Proverbs 1:8-9, "Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching. They are a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck."

We’re excited to share with you these photos of your children laughing and learning!

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: Ending the Hunger Season for Children in Malawi Malawi
Jul 28, 2016 -

Right now, Malawi’s annual “hunger season” is ravaging the country—the worst witnessed in nearly a decade after a lethal combination of El Niño flooding and subsequent drought. The impact has left 2.8 million people on the brink of starvation.

Photos: Fun and Learning at Summer Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jul 26, 2016 -

Last week, Children of the Nations held a summer camp in the Dominican Republic for students ages four to seven. The summer camp was hosted at Casa Betesda with the assistance of the Ferrin and Tejeda families. Below are some of the camp highlights.