It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: Ending the Hunger Season for Children in Malawi Malawi
Jul 26, 2016 -

Right now, Malawi’s annual “hunger season” is ravaging the country—the worst witnessed in nearly a decade after a lethal combination of El Niño flooding and subsequent drought. The impact has left 2.8 million people on the brink of starvation.

Photos: Fun and Learning at Summer Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jul 26, 2016 -

Last week, Children of the Nations held a summer camp in the Dominican Republic for students ages four to seven. The summer camp was hosted at Casa Betesda with the assistance of the Ferrin and Tejeda families. Below are some of the camp highlights.

This Election Season: Vote for Sandwiches and Help Children in Need United States
Jul 20, 2016 -

Dani Nemeh is a wife, a mother, and a popular vegetarian food blogger. She is also a woman with a heart for Jesus and for children in need. So when Canyon Bakehouse invited her to join their Sammie Smackdown sandwich recipe contest and pick a charity to blog for, she chose Children of the Nations (COTN).

Saved from Slavery: Ava and Ethan's Story Malawi
Jul 19, 2016 -

When nine-year-olds Ava and Ethan* came to our Children’s Homes in Malawi, they had just escaped a nightmare. They were in the hands of a human trafficker.

Ava and Ethan didn’t know each other, but they shared the same heartbreaking story. Abandoned by their mothers, they lived with grandmothers who struggled to care for them.

How Can a Little Bar of Soap Be So Powerful? Malawi
Jul 5, 2016 -

“[I] am so afraid of cholera,” said 13-year-old Naphiri. “It comes when you eat without washing hands. The result of cholera may be death,” she added, terror overshadowing her usually cheerful face.

From Fatherless to Fearless Dreamer: Clara’s Story Malawi
Jun 20, 2016 -

What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher? An astronaut? A veterinarian? All three?

Clara wants to be a judge or a professional journalist. She says she’s interested in these careers because she wants to judge cases justly “without corruption” and she wants to tell stories to “the whole world.” Those are big dreams for any teenager.

Photos: Children Receive Your Mail in Malawi! Malawi
Jun 16, 2016 -

Your Easter cards have arrived in Malawi! They’ve traveled from your house to the COTN-USA office, then halfway around the world to Malawi. And now they’ve made it into the hands of the children. 

Celebrate this Milestone with Malawi’s 2016 Senior Class! Malawi
Jun 15, 2016 -

We knew you’d wouldn’t want to miss celebrating with these high school seniors! On June 11, the International Christian Academy senior class celebrated the completion of their high school studies. Fifty-seven students participated in the ceremony this year. The festivities included singing, dancing, and a message from the guest of honor, Justice Chinangwa, a member of the COTN-Malawi board of directors and retired supreme court justice.

Building Sustainable Water Sources with New Partner, His 2 Offer United States
Jun 6, 2016 -

A mountaintop spring was the only source of water for a small African village. The villagers’ daughters had to walk eight hours a day, carrying water from the spring back to the village. The villagers prayed eagerly for a better water source. They believed someday, someone would show up who could help them find an easier way to get water from the spring to their village—that someday their prayer would be answered.

When Paddy Brady and his team arrived in the village, a local declared, “You’re it!” And two days later, the village had water.

Ebola's Ripples Still Being Felt By Sierra Leone's Orphans Sierra Leone
May 26, 2016 -

The fishing communities of Freetown, Sierra Leone, are tightly knit. Tiny homes of cement, mud, and tin are crammed together on the coast and families live almost on top of one another, lending support and friendship in this hard and often dangerous profession.