Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Haiti


Thanks to you, COTN children around the globe were able to have Christmas parties! In Haiti, on December 22, 150 people gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The party included Village Partnership Program (VPP) children, parents, volunteers, staff, and our Hands on Haiti children

A group of children eat their dinner
      Children dressed up in their best clothes to celebrate Christmas with fellowship and fun!
Decorations made the day festive
                                Santa hats and decorations made the day extra festive. 
Children participated in all sorts of activities, like dancing, praying, singing, and playing games. They also received gifts!
A boy shows off his new trucks
A girl and her tea set
Some children shared testimonies
                                      Some children shared their testimonies. 
To finish the party, everyone shared a tasty and nutritious meal.
A tasty and nutritious dinner
Group eating dinner
Kids and their presents
“We had a blessed Christmas,” says Serge Junior Joseph, COTN–Haiti VPP Coordinator. "At the end we thanked God for this event and the sending of Jesus."
Thank you for making this celebration possible for the children in Haiti!