Paying it Forward: Steven Goes from Orphan to Missionary, Thanks to You!


Steven Mizecki’s life is a testimony to all that God is doing, through your love and faithful support, to raise up leaders in Africa and the Caribbean. 

Steven grew up in Malawi, in East Africa. By age seven, both his parents were dead. His grandmother struggled to care for him, so he went to live with his uncle, a pastor in the capital city of Lilongwe.

But Steven’s uncle already had a large family to care for. “I was facing the same problems, no food, no clothes,” Steven says. “Life was just tough.”

Then in 1999 a missionary couple, Bill and Pat Clark, the parents of COTN’s founder Chris Clark, started an outreach program for local kids. Steven’s uncle let them use his church for their program and Steven helped out. Seeing how desperate the children were, the Clarks asked their son Chris to help. One year later, through the generous support of people like you, COTN® opened their first Children’s Home in Malawi. Steven was one of the first children to live there.

“We had everything,” Steven recalls. “Food, clothes, I got to go to a better school. I just felt like, am I in heaven?”

As Steven got older he prayed about becoming a missionary. In high school, he wrote, "Thanks to COTN, I can now dream about my future—about being a missionary. I want to be a missionary because I would like to spread the gospel to the whole world and to help those who are distressed. The little I will have, I will surely devote it to the Lord to help those who are in problems."

And in June 2015, Chris called to tell Steven, “I have good news for you. I want you to come and serve with us in Haiti.”

As a child in Africa, Steven looked up to his missionary role models. Today, he feels great pride in being a missionary in Haiti.

“After that call I went into my room and prayed to God, thanking God for answering my prayer,” Steven says.

Living in Haiti has been hard at times. Steven misses Malawian vegetable dishes and struggles with the language barrier. But he loves spending time with the children.

When Steven looks back at his childhood, he’s amazed. “Without God’s help, which he has given me through COTN, I don’t know if I would have been alive today,” he says. One day, Steven believes the children in Haiti will feel the same way about their lives.

“Your help is really changing the world,” Steven says. “It’s really changing the lives of the kids in Haiti.”

“COTN is doing a lot here in Haiti,” Steven says. “It’s all because these partners and the sponsors are giving to COTN, giving to these kids. Their help is really, really changing the world. It’s really, really changing the lives of the kids in Haiti. I would encourage them to continue partnering with COTN. They should know we’re praying for them every day and we really, really love them so much.”

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