Sponsorship Saves Baby Christophe's Life


Cevenie had eight children when she found out she was pregnant with twins. If you think ten children would be a challenge, imagine supporting that many children in Haiti. Cevenie and her husband Andrenor barely had enough money to fully provide for their family.

Things only got worse when the twins were born. The first twin, Christiana, had a healthy birth, but complications with the second twin, Christophe, left him in the hospital for a whole month. By the time he was released, the family's resources were sucked dry. They had nothing left, and a child in fragile health to care for. 
Christophe (left) had health problems when he was born
Christophe (left) was born with health challenges. Thanks to the medical team, he will now be part of COTN's child sponsorship program in Haiti. 
Cevenie was at the end of her rope when she brought her children to the doctor at Children of the Nations (COTN). One of her older sons, Bradley, is part of COTN’s child sponsorship program in Haiti. A team of doctors had come to do annual checkups for the sponsored children, and family members were allowed to be seen as well. 
One of the pediatricians, who prefers to remain anonymous, was concerned when she saw little Christophe. At nine months, he was showing signs of motor developmental delay, likely due to his condition at birth. On top of that, he was sick. The doctor asked Cevenie how she planned to care for him.
"We spent all our money,” Cevenie told the doctor. “We are just going to have to pray—we have no money.”
The doctor looked at Cevenie. "She was a great mom,” she says. “She was very dear. But she was also very exhausted." 
The doctor imagined what Christophe's life might look like if there was no intervention. "If he wasn't taken into the sponsorship program, there are so few resources that he might struggle to get good nutrition,” she says. “His situation and progress wouldn't be monitored—in Haiti there is not a lot of routine medical care. I was worried about his ability to survive without a safety net." 
Christophe's family is thankful for everything that people like you have done
Christophe's family is thankful for everything that people like you have done for them. Without help from his sponsors, the medical team, and others, Christophe's future would be uncertain.
Given their medical needs and the scarce resources in their family, the doctor strongly recommended the twins be taken into COTN's child sponsorship program. After reviewing their situation, COTN’s in-country staff agreed, and immediately registered them. 
"He was already fragile," the doctor explains. "If you would be fragile anywhere, and you are living in a place with bad water, parasites, and poor nutrition, there is more risk of malnutrition, more risk of not overcoming those motor deficits."
"In the program, every year, his growth and development will be tracked, so we can make sure he is making progress. Every year he will get a physical exam and will get vitamins and medicine to combat parasites," the doctor explains. "And he will get that extra protein and iron from COTN's food." 
Christophe's brother, Bradley, is part of COTN's child sponsorship program
Christophe's brother, Bradley, is part of COTN's child sponsorship program. His parents are thankful for the assistance his sponsors provide for their struggling family.
The doctor who treated them now has a more personal connection to the twins. She decided to sponsor Christophe, and her parents agreed to sponsor his twin sister. Now that they have seen the difference sponsorship will make in these children’s lives, they get to be part of it!
Christophe and Christiana need additional sponsors! Sponsor them, or sponsor another child in need today.