A Year of Good Works Pays Off


A flood of kindergarten and nursery school-age children rush into the tarp shelter. At the helm is Marc Antoine Michel, the energetic and loving Village Partnership Program coordinator in Haiti. A host of parents herd the children from the sides, helping them into their seats as they get ready for their after-school activities. And running around helping everyone with anything they need is a young teenager. 

You don't question her presence at first because she seems to fit in so naturally. But day after day she is always there. She has no family in the program, no reason to be helping out. Yet at all hours of the day, Freslene can be found at Children of the Nations (COTN), always serving. 
Freslene teaches the children in COTN's child sponsorship program
                                  Freslene teaches the children in COTN's child sponsorship program. 
It wasn't long before Children of the Nations staff began to take note of Freslene. "We were very impressed by her," says Marc Antoine. From a very poor family in the Haitian community of Bellevue, Freslene was very excited when COTN first began ministry in her community, one year ago. "I liked their activities," she says. 
But at fourteen, Freslene was too old to enter the new child sponsorship program. COTN staff focused on enrolling the neediest children under eight years old, so they could address the needs of that age group together. Freslene didn't care that she wasn't a sponsored child—she called herself "a friend of COTN," and showed up every day to help. "Not only do I really like the COTN program, I also like working with children," she says.
It was after a year of her faithful service that COTN’s Haiti staff began to investigate how they could get her into the child sponsorship program. They knew she was not attending school, but that she prayed every day for an opportunity to go. They submitted their decision to the United States office, and prayed that people like you would step up to sponsor her. 
Freslene is now part of COTN's child sponsorship program in Haiti
                                        Freslene is now part of COTN's child sponsorship program in Haiti. 
It was with great joy this fall that Marc Antoine announced to Freslene that she would be able to join the child sponsorship program, despite her age, and begin school. "We decided that she should be in the program, because I have seen the need, and also I see Freslene as a big hope for the community and a huge benefit to COTN's programs."
Freslene couldn't have been happier. "I would not be in school this year without COTN sponsorship," Freslene explains. "My future is now ensured because I won't have to worry about my education or my health." 
Freslene is already working hard in school, and promises that your investment won't be in vain. She has big plans for her life, her community, and her country. "My hope is to become a great teacher," she says, "and to see my country changed in a way that children don't have to worry about their primary needs, like education, nutrition, health, and food. When I become a teacher, I will be building hope for children who could not attend school." 
Help a child in need attend school, get enough to eat, and learn about Jesus. Sponsor a child today!