The Day I Met My Sponsored Child


I was as happy as could be, sitting under a makeshift tent in Haiti, listening to dozens of children singing their favorite Bible songs.  But I couldn’t quite sit still.  In just a few minutes I would meet my sponsored child, Staina, for the first time.   

With a big grin, the translator, Daniel, waved at me and pointed to a little girl.  I recognized her immediately.  I’d had her picture hanging on my fridge for months.  With great enthusiasm I introduced myself.  She gave me a little smile and then quietly studied me as I continued talking.  
"I wish every sponsor had the opportunity to meet their sponsored child."
“It was an indescribable feeling to sit side by side with Staina. I hope my visit encouraged her. I wish every sponsor had the opportunity to meet their sponsored child.”
What was she thinking, I wondered.  Was she happy to meet me?  Was she as nervous as I was?  But after I pulled out the pink T-shirt and hair bows I’d brought, her smile grew.  Just like that, we were on our way to becoming friends.
Now that I’d met Staina, she was no longer just a picture on my fridge.  She was now a precious little person standing in front of me.  Suddenly I felt the weight of responsibility.  How could God take something so simple as my $32 a month, and use it to transform this little girl into a young woman ready to share God’s love with the world?  Wasn’t there more I could do?
“I’d heard pink was Staina’s favorite color, so everything I bought was pink."
                  “I’d heard pink was Staina’s favorite color, so everything I brought, even the soap, was pink.”
I said a quick prayer as I watched Staina scroll through the pictures on my phone, and God reminded me that he was more than capable of caring for her.  He had turned two fishes and five loaves of bread into food for thousands of people.  And he could use my meager $32 to not only change Staina’s life, but the lives of the people in her family and her community.  
I was suddenly overwhelmed by the miracle happening in Staina’s life.  Before Children of the Nations (COTN) found her, Staina’s family didn’t have enough money to send her to school.  She didn’t have enough food to eat.  Now, she eats a nutritious meal every day, she gets good grades in school, and learns about God’s love along with the other 74 children in the Village Partnership Program
Every afternoon, Staina joins other children to eat, play games, learn about God
Every afternoon, Staina joins 74 other children to eat, play games, and learn about God during COTN’s after-school program.
Today I’m thanking God for allowing me to be a small part of Staina’s life.  What a privilege it will be to watch her grow.  I wonder what she’ll be like at 18 years old.  What will she be passionate about?  What career will she have?  
Whatever God has planned for her, I’ll keep praying for her, writing to her, and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to visit her again someday soon!
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