Your Medical Care Brings Healing and Joy to Charly and His Family


When eight-year-old Charly fell sick, his mother did what she had been doing for years. With no money to bring him to the hospital, she scraped together all her spare cash and brought him to every cheap clinic in the area. Mostly makeshift offices selling a few drugs, none of them were able to help.

Charly is a part of the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in Haiti. But with the program being so new, Charly's mother didn't know that people like you would provide for Charly's medical care. 
Through child sponsorship, people like you are now providing for Charly's needs—from education to meals to spiritual care, and of course, medical care when needed. Additional donations from generous partners make it possible to provide medical care for children with more serious illnesses—no matter how expensive their treatment is. 
Charly with COTN–Haiti staff member Marc Antoine Michel
                                                Charly with COTN–Haiti staff member Marc Antoine Michel 
Fortunately, when the clinics were unable to treat him, Charly's mother brought him to Marc Antoine Michel, a COTN staff member in Haiti. Marc Antoine immediately brought Charly to a good hospital, where he would get the care he needed to recover. Marc Antoine also began praying for the family.
"Pray for God's healing, because Charly says he believes in him," Marc Antoine wrote to COTN–USA staff members. "By this, his mother can come to confess Jesus is Savior." 
                            Charly was able to receive treatment at a good hospital, thanks to people like you!
A few days later, Charly was feeling much better. "Charly's health is improving, thanks to Jesus," wrote Marc Antoine. "Charly is so thankful for you. Not only for your prayers, but also for your support. By that, Charly feels supported physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially." 
When Charly returned from the hospital, completely recovered, his family was overwhelmed with gratitude. "God knows what could happen if COTN was not in the village," said his mother. 
Charly's mother lives with three children in a home made of tarps.
Charly's mother lives with three children in a home made of tarps. If people like you hadn't provided for Charly's medical needs, she doesn't know what might have happened. 
"I feel God's blessing hands through COTN in Haiti," Marc Antoine reported after he shared in the family's joy. "In their name, COTN–Haiti says a big thank you!"
 You can change the life of a child like Charly. Sponsor a child in Haiti today!