Three Years Later: The Children You Rescued From the Earthquake


Immediately following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Children of the Nations (COTN) partners like you sprang into action, sending doctors and supplies to help those in desperate need of medical care.  After treating hundreds of people, COTN doctors identified thirteen children in need of long-term medical care to recover from their injuries.

The children reunite in Haiti with Dr. Vicki Sakata, who treated them for injuries after the earthquake.

Three years later, partners and sponsors like you are still caring for eleven of the children, helping their families feed them, send them to school, and get back on their feet. (One child moved to the US and another stayed in the Dominican Republic, where he is in COTN's program there.) Here are their latest updates from COTN staff member Daniel Vallon, who visits the children regularly for Bible studies and mentoring:

John (photo at right) is the youngest of the eleven, but he's one of the best at memorizing Bible verses. He always surprises Daniel with his ability in this area.  He is a sweet boy who loves to play soccer and hide and seek.  "You should have seen how excited he was during the family Christmas party!" laughs Daniel.

"Mikerlyn is no more the little girl we met three years ago in Barahona," says Daniel.  Indeed, 16-year-old Mikerlyn has grown into a young woman who is beautiful inside and out.  She is leading a singing group in her church, and Daniel says she has shown great talent in leadership. Please continue to pray for Mikerlyn, as she is struggling to understand why God didn't protect her from losing her arm in the earthquake.  Daniel says he always reminds Mikerlyn that God loves her.

Silot (photo at left) was greatly impacted by the Venture participants who helped care for him after the earthquake—especially the ones who taught him about God and let him play their guitar.  Today, 18-year-old Silot dreams of becoming a pastor and worship leader.  He is always looking for opportunities to get his hands on a guitar again!

At 17, Woodlyn is a joyful, positive young woman with a smile that lights up the room.  Woodyln became a Christian at COTN's clinic in Barahona, Dominican Republic, and now attends a church in her neighborhood. Woodlyn only has one arm, but that doesn't limit her.  She is practicing hair styling and manicures, and hopes to start a salon after she finishes school.

Sadwin is also a great singer, who enjoys attending church and singing in the choir.  "She loves the Lord and also her family," says Daniel. Thirteen-year-old Sadwin is still experiencing some complications from the complex fracture in her elbow.  But thanks to your ongoing care, she will continue to heal and grow!

Mabobali, 12, and his brother Luciano, 10 (photo below), sustained serious injuries in the earthquake.  But besides Luciano's amputated arm today, they don't show it.  Luciano started wrestling last month, and his missing arm does not seem to hold him back.  Mabobali enjoys soccer.  Please pray for their home life, as they do not have a supportive Christian family.

                                                 Mabobali (left) and Luciano (right) play with a Venture participant.

Bolivena (photo at right) is now nine years old, and is loving school.  Her father is doing very well thanks to partners like you, who helped him start a small business selling clothes.  He is a hard worker who makes big sacrifices for his family.  Please pray for Bolivena and her family, as their house was recently broken into and the family lost many of their possessions.  Her family wil be moving to a new, safer home, thanks to partners like you.

Stanley is doing well in school, and attending a nearby church, where he was in the Christmas play.  He is growing into a tall young boy, but is sometimes embarrassed about his three missing fingers.  "I always let him know not to be ashamed, and that he is a handsome boy," reports Daniel.  Stanley hopes to become an engineer to help rebuild his community.

Kervens (photo at left) is a young leader in his church, and is also learning to play the guitar.  He lost a leg in the earthquake and now walks with a prosthesis, which was repaired in November.  "Now he walks normally without any cane," reports Daniel.  Kervens is selective in choosing who he spends time with, but has a small group of good friends at his church.

Jordani (photo below), like John, has a gift for memorizing Bible verses.  The 8-year-old boy was chosen to recite Bible verses in front of his whole church in the Christmas play!  At home, Jordani plays "pastor." All last year, Jordani was afraid of noises while he was sleeping—still traumatized by the earthquake that almost killed him.  But Jordani's father reports that he now feels safe in his home.

Steven (photo below) has stayed close friends with Jordani, who lives down the street from him.  Steven used to want to become a doctor, but now he is thinking of being a pastor.  "He is always praying for Chris [COTN founder]" reports Daniel.  Steven is also getting over his fear of loud noises and says, "I think earthquakes are not a thing from God."

                                            Jordani (left) and Steven (right) study the Bible with Daniel.


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