Your Meals Are Feeding Children in Haiti


Monday, November 25, was an exciting day in the community of Bellevue, Haiti.  It was the day when all your work and support—the meals you packaged, the donations you gave, and the prayers you prayed—came to fruition.  It was the first day Children of the Nations (COTN) staff in Haiti got to serve a hot, nutritious meal to the first seventy-five children in COTN's recently-launched Village Partnership Program in Bellevue.

Long, bright red tables were hauled under a large shelter of blue tarp—the community's humble offering for a place to gather.  Seventy-five young children—all under the age of eight—clamored in and got busy lining up, drinking in the smell of warm rice and beans.  Many of them hadn't eaten yet that day, making the smell even sweeter.   
Each child had their plate heaped high with food.  But before they took a bite, Marc Antoine Michel, COTN's Village Partnership Program Director, called them to attention.  He reminded them that all the food they were about to enjoy was a gift from God, and led all the children in prayer.  "It was a wonderful moment," Marc Antoine recalls.  The children were so deeply grateful, and their prayers heartfelt. 
The children finished their large plates of food faster than you could imagine.  When everyone was fully satisfied, Marc Antoine called them into yet another time of prayer.  Standing together, they praised God for his provision, and basked in the beautiful feeling of a full belly.  
Until that day, a full belly was a rare feeling for seven-year-old Daphca.  She says that most days, she didn't get enough to eat.  "I am very excited to come into the program, because I know I will have something to eat," she shares.  Daphca adds that her favorite part of the meal is the beans. 
Mezilia, a mother of seven, shares her gratitude for your help in providing for her children.  Before COTN began serving meals, she used to beg for food from her neighbors.  Now her youngest daughter will receive one nutritious meal each day through COTN's Village Partnership Program, thanks to partners like you.  She hopes that as the Village Partnership Program expands, more of her children will be able to benefit.  But for now, she is excited to see the ways your support will change her daughter's life.  "I am expecting a very great improvement in her life," she says.  
Marc Antoine also has high hopes for the transformation your provision of meals will bring to the community.  "To be fed has been, for our children in Bellevue, a great need," he explains.  "That's why the feeding of COTN represents a great hope of transforming for the children."  Marc Antoine says that most kids in Bellevue eat whatever they can find, simply for survival.  He is excited to see them eating the high-protein, vitamin-packed meals that partners like you package and send to Haiti.  "In the future,” Marc Antoine says, “we can be a good malnutrition fighter in the community.” 
You can provide food for children like Daphca.  Sponsor a child from Haiti today, and you will receive your child's information in the mail in the coming weeks!  
Or, help provide a permanent shelter for Haitian children to eat their daily meals.