Staina Sings a Song of Hope


The children had just been invited to share a song. It was quiet for a moment, as the shy kids hid their faces, not wanting to perform in front of a crowd. Then, seven-year-old Staina raised her hand and quietly but confidently walked to the front. "Just as I am," she sang in French, "from my heart and my soul; Let all that I am be yours, Lord."

Staina and seventy-four other children from the community of Bellevue have been gathering daily as part of the Village Partnership Program you helped Children of the Nations (COTN) launch in this Haitian town. The children, all under eight years old, were identified as the most desperate for care in this area. These kids need help just to get enough food to eat each day.  None of them attend school. But thanks to partners like you, all of these children now have sponsors providing for their needs. They now meet daily for a nutritious meal, Bible studies, crafts, songs, and games. They will begin school for the first time in January.

After the song, dozens of children huddled around as COTN’s Haiti Liaison, Debbie Watters, sat down to meet Staina. She told Debbie that singing is her favorite part of COTN's program. "I like to sing at church, and at home too," Staina said. Since COTN began its partnership with the people of Bellevue, Staina says she has learned many things. "I've learned that the Bible says that Jesus gives life," she says. "I learned the verse that tells me that God loves me—John 3:16."

Staina is the youngest of ten siblings, and with so many mouths to feed, her parents struggle to provide food and education for all of them. Staina says she wants to become a nurse one day. "I like helping others," she says, "so I want to be a nurse." She knows that without your support, this dream is impossible—her parents cannot afford to send her to school on their own.

But with people like you by Staina's side to support her through school, help provide for her basic needs, and pray for her, the COTN–Haiti staff knows Staina can make it. They need only look at what people like you have done nearby in the Dominican Republic. There, twenty-four students are now attending university. Several have already graduated and begun careers in their community as doctors and teachers. Every one of these students came from similar circumstances as young Staina.

Because of you, Staina's dream really is possible. Because of you, she can sing the words to the sweet song she shared, resting in the knowledge that God loves her and will not abandon her. Because of you, Staina may one day become a nurse who helps to transform Haiti.


Staina of Haiti's Song from Children of the Nations on Vimeo.


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