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The Gift of Life: Bibles Bless Children in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
One Christmas gift can change a child's life. Owning a Bible is a rare privilege
Nov 28, 2012 -

Walter had never heard the story of Jesus when he began attending school through the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in his community.  But at school he began hearing about this strange man—the miracles he performed, his teachings, his love.  At first, Walter was confused.  "Sometimes I didn't understand the Bible classes," he explains.  Walter went home from class with no one to explain these stories to him, and nowhere to go for answers.

Aris Speaks for the First Time, Thanks to You Dominican Republic
Aris enjoys lunch daily at COTN's school.
Nov 12, 2012 -

Life is fragile in 10-year-old Aris' impoverished community in the Dominican Republic. Several months ago, his father boarded a motorcycle and never returned home—tragically killed in a road accident.  Aris is one of ten children, and had a serious speech disorder which made him unable to talk.  Without a father to support them, Aris' family was unable to supply the most basic necessities like food and water, let alone the special care and encouragement a child like Aris needed.  

Community Health Clubs "Knock It Out of the Park" Dominican Republic
The teens of Altagracia's health club gather to compose their song about hygiene
Oct 5, 2012 -

Imagine the scene: A group of young teenagers gathers in a poor village in the Dominican Republic.  They're joking and laughing—seemingly a typical gathering.  But they're not talking about their latest crushes and favorite music.  They're discussing personal hygiene, and writing the lyrics to a rap summarizing the five ways to contract diarrhea.  They become more serious as they prepare their performance, concentrating as they chant their new song, and finally bursting into laughter as they finish the last verse. &nb

I Love Medical School: An Update from Salomon in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Salomon with ILB founder Ben Holman. “I’ve seen him develop into a leader."
Sep 17, 2012 -

Swapping his baseball bat for a stethoscope may have been one of the most natural transitions Salomon ever made. The young Dominican athlete-turned-medical-student just finished his second year of university, and is excelling in his studies. This talented third-baseman from the Children of the Nations (COTN) I Love Baseball program (ILB) will soon be providing health care for his countrymen. “I want to be a doctor because I believe that I have a calling to serve others, and through medicine I can put this gift into practice,” he says.

A Life Transformed: Pescado's Story Dominican Republic
Juan Manuel, or Pescado, has grown up in COTN's Village Partnership in Don Bosco
Sep 4, 2012 -

Every little kid in the Dominican Republic loves when Venture teams come.  At the first sight of Children of the Nations (COTN) vans, children pour out of doorways and flood the streets, excited for the games, lessons, and love the Venture participants bring.  But there was one child in the village of Don Bosco whose enthusiasm went unmatched.  Almost every Venture participant knew little Juan Manuel by name, or at least by his nickname, Pescado, or "fish" in English.  

Tropical Storm Isaac Updates Dominican Republic
Aug 24, 2012 -

Update: Aug. 29, 9 a.m. PDT – Daniel Vallon, COTN's country coordinator in Haiti, reports that the families COTN serves in Haiti are safe. Two families, however, sustained property damage during the storm. One family lost their sugarcane and corn crops, while another had parts of their roof blown away. Please continue praying for each of the families we serve in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as they recover from the storm.

Through the Eyes of a Child Dominican Republic
Aug 9, 2012 -

We often struggle to understand how a child sees the world—especially a child in one of the impoverished communities we serve together.  Their lives are so different from anything we've ever experienced, and their expression so limited to give us an idea of their reality.  But through a recent family Venture trip to the Dominican Republic, we can get that rare glimpse into a child's life—through the eyes of another child.

It All Started With a Flower: A Venture Participant Tells Her Story Dominican Republic
Jul 24, 2012 -

In July, Fran Muller went on her first Venture trip to the Dominican Republic with Children of the Nations (COTN).  Her team, from Summit Church of Orlando, Florida, was there to hang ProVector flowers—plastic flowers that attract and kill mosquitoes in order to decrease the risk of malaria and dengue fever—and share the gospel door-to-door.  It turned out to be much more of a learning experience than she expected.  Here are her reflections on the trip:

US College Students Send Dominicans to University Dominican Republic
Jul 3, 2012 -

Andrea is a leader in her Dominican community, Los Robles. Just observing her lead a class of young women in Bible study on Sunday morning, it becomes clear that she is not only a very gifted teacher, she is also passionate about leading and serving the younger teenagers in her community.  She does not take this position lightly.  "Pray for me," she asked at the end of the study, "that I would know God's word to teach each Sunday."

Nourishing Strong, Healthy Baseball Players in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Thanks to partners like you, Yamina is able to provide ILB players with nutritio
Jun 22, 2012 -

Since the birth of Children of the Nations' I Love Baseball (ILB) program in 2008, Yamina Perez has provided perhaps its most vital component: food.   Because malnutrition is dangerously high in the Dominican Republic and children often go without meals during their day, one of ILB’s priorities is to provide its players with enough nourishment to keep their bodies strong, healthy, and ready for optimal athletic performance.  This means Yamina will rise with the sun to begin the long process of cooking for these young baseball players.