News: Dominican Republic

Thank You from the Dominican Republic! Dominican Republic
Enjoying a Christmas meal in Don Bosco
Jan 6, 2014 -

Christmas in the Dominican culture is very special and important. This Christmas, thanks to you and other sponsors, children in COTN’s Village Partnership Programs were able to enjoy games and songs, and eat a special meal, which they don’t usually have in their homes because of the poverty in which they live.

Your Support Saves Entire Families Dominican Republic
Thanks to his sponsors, Ney attends school and get a nutritious meal every day
Dec 5, 2013 -

It all happened so fast. Ney's father was coming home from working all day—selling small items on the street. It's always dangerous driving a motorcycle through the crowded streets of the Dominican Republic, where few people obey traffic rules and even fewer wear helmets. Somehow, he had always made it home fine, and he wasn't worried. 

God Always Watches Over Us: Walquidea's Story Dominican Republic
Lunch hour at COTN's school in Don Bosco is one of Walquidea's favorite times
Nov 22, 2013 -

The bell rings and the children rush out of class to lunch. Twelve-year-old Walquidea heaps her plate high—she's not sure if she will have dinner at home tonight. 

My Life is Better Now that I Have Shoes Dominican Republic
Nov 12, 2013 -

The ground is not just made of earth here in the impoverished Dominican community of Los Robles. Trash, animal waste, rocks, and broken glass are all mixed together to form a dry, hard substance that children walk over every day. 

Thank You for the Soap! Dominican Republic
Oct 21, 2013 -

It's amazing the difference a bar of soap can make. 

Parents Learn to Read, to Help their Children Succeed Dominican Republic
Yaquelin (in yellow pants) proudly marches to her graduation ceremony
Oct 10, 2013 -

Yaquelin hid her face in embarrassment. She had to sign a form for her children at the clinic, but she was afraid she'd give away her secret by doing so. 

Surprised By Sponsorship Dominican Republic
Kristin and Nicol
Oct 4, 2013 -

One of the biggest surprises about the Dominican Republic was how much I fell in love with the people. They are always in motion, always smiling, always joyous ... oh, and pretty loud.

A Miraculous Surgery for Amaranta Dominican Republic
Sep 27, 2013 -

When Meliana found out that her 14-year-old granddaughter had a severe heart condition and needed surgery to survive, she says, "I trembled with fear." 

God Looks at the Heart Dominican Republic
Sep 24, 2013 -

As a child in elementary school I don’t recall ever being chosen first for the daily kickball games that took place on the playground. My less-than-amazing running and kicking skills led to my demise, so it made sense why I was usually chosen last. I guess I just kept holding out hope that someday maybe someone would do the unimaginable and choose me first. 

I Love Baseball Produces Big Results Dominican Republic
If you’re Dominican, baseball is in your blood,” says Ruddy Suero
Sep 16, 2013 -

There’s more to the worn baseball field than meets the eye. It’s the home of Jean Carlos, Leonardo, and Christopher. This past spring these three rising stars were chosen to play in the Dominican Republic national playoffs for their home province of Barahona. For any player this is a high honor. But for the players in Children of the Nations' I Love Baseball program (ILB), this confirms their non-traditional training program is producing big results.