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Wordless Wednesday: Mission Trips Dominican Republic
Jun 25, 2014 -

Summer is the season for mission trips (or, as we like to call them, Venture Trips). In the next few months, a lot of you will be traveling to Africa or the Caribbean to visit your sponsored child, provide medical care to kids, build roofs, share the gospel, and more.

What motivates you to go?

A Witness to 15 Years of Transformation Dominican Republic
Today, Rosaniris is a high school graduate and plans to go on to university
Jun 16, 2014 -

Rosaniris was seven years old when her community changed completely. A Dominican batey made up of mostly Haitian immigrants with no citizenship, the community of Los Robles had no school, no water, and no other basic resources from the government. Children ran around with few to no clothes on and amused themselves by fighting or throwing rocks.

Wordless Wednesday: Photos on the Wall Dominican Republic
May 21, 2014 -

A lot of talented photographers go on short-term mission trips to our ministry sites, and we're fortunate that many of them share their pictures with us. These are a few of our favorites from one such trip to the Dominican Republic. In fact, some of these adorn our walls here at the COTN office.

We hope you like them as much as we do. Tell us what you think, in the comments section below.


A City on a Hill: Danilo's New Home Blesses a Community Dominican Republic
The team with Danilo and his sisters, in front of their new home
Apr 28, 2014 -

Ever since the Thayer family saw their sponsored child's home, the difficulty of his situation has weighed heavily on their hearts. 

Sponsorship Teaches Stiven About Love, Peace, and Respect Dominican Republic
Mar 27, 2014 -

Life is hard for boys like Stiven in the impoverished village of Pueblo Nuevo, Dominican Republic. In this part of the world, boys learn at an early age to be scrappy, act tough, and do whatever is necessary to survive. Stiven’s future did not look much better than his father’s, who works as a chiripero—someone who does odd jobs no one wants, including work as a freelance security guard protecting properties with only a machete. 

A Good Roof Helps a Child More Than You Think Dominican Republic
A Venture Team worked with local community members to repair roofs
Mar 19, 2014 -

Santa Ramirez looked up at the sky and knew tonight would be difficult for her family. Soon it would begin raining, and the tin roof on their home in the Dominican Republic leaked badly. She would have to find enough dry places for all the beds, but with thirteen people crammed into one small home, that wasn’t an easy task. Tonight, no matter what Santa did, her children would end up cold and their belongings would be soaked by the rain. In the morning, they would go to school tired. 

If You Give a Child a Pencil . . . Dominican Republic
At school in the Dominican Republic
Feb 28, 2014 -

Two years ago, I stepped into my dream job as a staff writer for Children of the Nations (COTN). In this job, I see the naked reality of the brokenness that was, and the unaccountable, transformative power of the Great Love who is doing a great work in the lives of so many.

A Fairytale Night for Girls in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Using a Polaroid camera, the team was able to send pictures home with each girl
Feb 21, 2014 -

It was a night the girls will never forget. All thirteen of them arrived at the party dressed in beautiful evening gowns, tiaras sparkling. Tonight was their quinceañera—a Latin-American tradition that celebrates a girl’s transition into adulthood on her fifteenth birthday. But what made this night so special wasn’t the fancy dresses or the party. It was what the girls were celebrating that night: the way their lives have been transformed, and the bright future they now look forward to.

A Life Full of Love: Marleny's Story Dominican Republic
Feb 4, 2014 -

Marleny has never known her father or her mother, and yet she says her life is full of love. How is this little orphan so full of life, love, and hope? The answer has to do with you—the Children of the Nations (COTN) family. 

Praising God Through the Best and the Worst: Darkin's Story Dominican Republic
ILB players start every practice with a devotion and prayer
Jan 30, 2014 -

Every day after practice, the I Love Baseball (ILB) players heap their plates high with rice, beans, and meat. And almost every day, after he's served himself, Darkin walks over to ILB program director Ruddy Suero and asks if he can take his plate home, to share with his family. Ruddy always says yes, and Darkin tucks the food away to bring home to his mother and five siblings. Then the seven of them share his meal.