News: Dominican Republic

Tropical Storm Noel Restoration Effort Update Dominican Republic
Feb 19, 2008 -

Last November, the Dominican Republic took a direct hit by Tropical Storm Noel—flooding villages, washing away homes and buildings, and leaving devastation in its wake. Through the help of COTN staff and supporters we continue our Restoration Effort. Funds raised to date continue to be used to meet the most urgent needs: replacing mattresses and other household items, purchasing building materials to repair/replace roofs, and rebuilding homes that were completely destroyed.

Update from the Field (DR) Dominican Republic
Feb 12, 2008 -

Even as I write this update, Kelly and I are falling more in love with the Dominican Republic. Each day as we wake up, we know that a new adventure awaits us and while sometimes we stop to wonder what it will be, most days, we just go straight to reading God’s word with a bowl of cereal before venturing out. And, almost as if receiving an unearned reward, we find ourselves constantly amused and enamored with the life that swirls around us – it comes at a measured pace that is always oriented towards relationship first, all other priorities second.

Tropical Storm Noel Update Dominican Republic
Nov 27, 2007 -

Almost one month after Tropical Storm NOEL hit the Dominican Republic, leaving devastation and displacement in its wake, floodwaters have finally rescinded.

Los Robles – The school and upper section of village homes were not damaged, however in the lower section of the village, all the homes were lost along with everyone’s possessions.

The Origin of the Dominican Batey Dominican Republic
Algodon, a batey in the Dominican Republic
Nov 14, 2007 -

COTN’s ministry in the Dominican Republic began in the summer of 1997 when we first came alongside the village of Algodon—a Haitian batey (pronounced BAH-tay). A batey (plural bateyes) is a shanty-town camp where sugarcane cutters live. Bateyes are found only in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Tropical Storm Noel Restoration Effort Dominican Republic
Nov 7, 2007 -

Tropical Storm Noel hit the Dominican Republic hard and fast last week leaving flooding and devastation in its wake. People in our villages were displaced, evacuated and suffered the loss of much of their livelihood.

Thankfully, all lives in our villages were spared and all our children are safe. Now we are asking everyone in our USA family to help our DR families reestablish their lives. Here is how you can help right now:

Tropical Storm Noel Turns Deadly in the DR Dominican Republic
Oct 30, 2007 -

Tropical Storm Noel has turned deadly as it hit the Dominican Republic yesterday, killing at least 20 people, while dozens more are unaccounted for as flooding and mudslides plague the region. Heavy rains continue to deluge the Dominican Republic, forcing evacuation from many of the low-lying bateys, including communities COTN ministers to. Little change in Noel’s strength is forecast during the next 24 hours. The National Hurricane Center expects Noel to briefly become a hurricane later in the week as it approaches southeast Florida.

The Upside-Down Kingdom Dominican Republic
Oct 26, 2007 -

This summer I was blessed to help lead a team of thirteen interns into Barahona, Dominican Republic. It was a great time of growth and many life lessons for all of us. One of the lessons we learned was how to serve others and the richness and blessing it brings to our lives. Jesus taught and lived a life full of humility and he demonstrated this numerous times in the scriptures through acts of service. One of his most famous was the washing of his disciples’ feet when he told his disciples: “You will be blessed if you do this,” referring to how he had served them.

My New Friend, Miguel Dominican Republic
Oct 1, 2007 -

I would like to tell you about one of my friends from the Dominican Republic. His name is Miguel. He’s a small, 13-year-old from Don Bosco, one of the bateys where COTN operates a school. I met him last summer when I had come to play basketball at the school. Any time the children were playing basketball, he was sure to be found close by. This summer I got the chance to hang out a little more with Miguel, and I found out more of his life story. Miguel hangs out with a group of boys at Don Bosco who write and sing Christian Rap songs.

Knowing Less Every Day Dominican Republic
Oct 1, 2007 -

Regresé a mi casa más viejo
después de recorrer el mundo.
No le pregunto a nadie nada.
Pero sé cada día menos.

I returned home much older
after crossing the world.
Now I question nobody.
But I know less every day.
-Pablo Neruda