News: Dominican Republic

Why Sponsorship? Sandy's Testimony Dominican Republic
Jan 31, 2012 -

Ten-year-old Katiuska dreamed of one day having a sponsor. As an unsponsored child in Children of the Nations’ (COTN) Village Partnership Program in Don Bosco, Dominican Republic, Katiuska received all the same benefits as the other sponsored children, but she knew something was missing. She longed to write letters to someone and to get letters back.

I Love Baseball Gives Young Men Training for Real Life Dominican Republic
Jan 24, 2012 -

For 13-year-old pitcher Cristian, baseball is about more than just strikeouts and wins and losses. “You have to have camaraderie,” he says. It’s something Cristian has learned from his coaches during daily devotional times in the I Love Baseball (ILB) program in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Cristian has been a part of ILB—one of several Children of the Nations programs in the Dominican Republic—since 2009.

Doctors “Sent by God” – Medical Venture Team Touches Lives Dominican Republic
Jan 5, 2012 -

Three-year-old Martina had never been in so much pain in her life. She had caught scabies, a common parasite in the Dominican Republic, and had scratched the little bumps that covered her legs until they opened and became infected. Desperate for relief, Martina's mother took her to a public hospital in the city, where she was diagnosed. But without money for medicine, Martina's mother could do nothing to help her daughter.

Pitching for a Bright Future: Brayan's Story Dominican Republic
Dec 30, 2011 -

Sixteen-year-old Eric Brayan Cuevas (Brayan to his friends) has always loved baseball. But since he joined the Children of the Nations (COTN) I Love Baseball program he says, “my life has changed because God has become a part of my life.”

The Gift of Sight: Estrella's Story Dominican Republic
Dec 22, 2011 -

Nine-year-old Estrella can't remember the first time she met her sponsor, Ginny. "My mother told me that Ginny used to come to my house and pray for me when I was two years old, but I don't remember that," says Estrella. "But she followed us around everywhere!" laughs Ginny, who has visited Estrella in the community of Don Bosco, Dominican Republic, every year since then, and has watched her grow up.

Los Robles Residents Worship in a New Church Dominican Republic
Dec 9, 2011 -

Andrea Perez gathered a group of teenage girls to pray one Sunday morning in November. The girls sat in the shade at the Children of the Nations (COTN) school in Los Robles, Dominican Republic, that Andrea, 22, used to attend. During the prayer time, one of the girls, Nancy, asked “God to protect my family,” while Magali prayed for “God to keep me on His way.” Across the dusty road, groups of men and women studied Bible verses in another shady area, beneath the roof of the new Los Robles church building.

Reudy Cuevas Matos: A Ballplayer with a Future Dominican Republic
Nov 29, 2011 -

Reudy Cuevas Matos grew up in the village of Los Robles, Dominican Republic, where a large clearing strewn with garbage served as the only baseball field. He spent his days playing there with his friends, but he says, "We didn't have a coach, and I didn't know how to bat or pitch. We just played with friends."

Kids Helping Kids: American Children Send School Supplies to the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Nov 23, 2011 -

Five-year-old July clutched her brand new set of crayons. She could barely contain her excitement. July's favorite class in school is art, but she had never before owned her very own set of crayons. "I'm going to draw a flower with my new crayons," she told me. "Tell the people from America who sent them, 'hi' and 'thank you.'"

One of COTN's First Sponsored Children Joins Staff of COTN's School in Los Robles Dominican Republic
Nov 4, 2011 -

Patricia Cuevas believes that it was God who sent Children of the Nations (COTN) to her village of Los Robles. Nothing short of a miracle could explain the transformation that Patricia experienced at ten years old, when her sponsors stepped into her life, and she began attending COTN's School in Los Robles. Now, at 24, she looks back on her life and wonders what it would have looked like if she hadn't had the education and spiritual support her sponsors made possible.

Faithful Couple Reunites with Their Sponsored Child After Seven Years Dominican Republic
The Paynes got to visit with their first sponsored child, Juanito, now a young adult.
Oct 20, 2011 -

Juanito was twelve years old when he first got to meet his sponsors. Someone from his village of Los Robles came running to get him as soon as Dick and Linda Payne arrived, on a Venture trip to the Dominican Republic in 1999. As their sponsored child, Juanito saw it as his responsibility to give Dick and Linda the grand tour of Los Robles.