Photos from Your Child's Camp in the Dominican Republic


Thank you for joining the team of people who made summer camps possible for children in the Dominican Republic! The donations you and other sponsors gave through our Easter card fundraiser earlier this year provided the resources needed to make summer camps a special time for the children.


COTN–Dominican Republic staff led camps for various age groups. Camp participants enjoyed puppets, skits, games, crafts, dance, nutritious meals, Bible stories, singing, memory verse competitions, and more. Children received Hygiene SmilePacks, backpacks, and other needed supplies.

David Toribio, COTN–Dominican Republic’s Spiritual Care Coordinator says that part of the goal for these camps was “to instill in [the children’s] hearts good, godly values, that they exercise physically and that they recognize the spiritual gifts and talents that God has given them.”

The theme for the camps was “Growing in Values,” teaching each child to recognize Christlike values and virtues, including: humility, responsibility, friendship, solidarity, fellowship, fidelity, and more.

Small group                                Children participated in small group discussions.

Dancing                       Children and staff got their "groove on" and had fun dancing.

Under the tent                                        Some of the activities were outdoors . . .

Pool time                                                  . . . including fun at the pool . . .

Play time                                                        . . . and playtime with friends.

Thank you!
Thank you for giving to summer camp and sharing God’s love with children in the Dominican Republic!